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2014-15 Initiatives

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2nd Year

We envision a campus culture that models workplace excellence and functions with accountability, teamwork, and ownership at every level of the organization.

To develop a clear description of MCC’s identity and to promote that identity across all campus areas.

  1. Continue development of promoting MCC’s identity across all campus areas.
  2. Complete the History wall outside the History Room.
  3. Complete the Core Values Display in Coffin Hall.

To promote a respectful climate of mutual support and trust among the MCC community.

  1. Complete the faculty/staff section of the MCC website.
  2. Continue the monthly Focus at the President’s TEAM meeting covering topics relevant to the MCC community.
  3. Watch Trust and Suspicion Video lessons during the Fall meetings.

To promote an environment where it is an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to serve our students and constituents.

  1. Continue the implementation of the evaluation process that reviews the campus culture of campus events and of various mediums of communication, whether written or verbal.
  2. Utilize STUCO in-put on the quality of customer service at MCC.

To foster the value of employees being involved on our campus, in the community, and in a local church.

  1. Re-communicate Staff and Faculty Handbooks involvement expectations.
  2. Complete the updating of the Staff and Faculty Handbooks.
  3. Post faculty/staff highlights on the MCC homepage and on the front of department pages on the website.
  4. Update the profiles of faculty/staff with notes concerning involvement.


We envision a campus that has a clear physical identity, that has facilities that allow us to expand our current capacity, and that provides a positive student experience. 

To design and implement a campus beautification plan.

  1. Determine the landscaping needs of the campus and develop a landscaping plan once the Campus Master Plan is finalized.
  2. Develop the plan for the new parking lot and landscaping needs of the north half of the campus.

To improve our campus signage internally and externally.

  1. Determine the signs to be added internally and begin adding them as funding allows.

To finalize the Campus Master Plan and develop a strategy to further expand our current capacity.

  1. Finalize the plan for a new Residence Hall.
  2. Hire consultant to help develop campaign to fulfill our CMP.
  3. Finalize plan for parking lot and new quad area on north half of campus.
  4. Receive approval for new CMP from city.
  5. Complete the new office suite in Coffin Hall.
  6. Finalize plans with Howard Wilson for multi-purpose facility.
  7. Develop plan for upgrades for ADA accessibility for Coffin Hall.

To develop a plan to maintain our current facilities.

  1. Re-assess current facilities to maintain and update the current deferred maintenance plans focus on the projected life-span of existing buildings.
  2. Develop and implement a prioritized plan for addressing those needs.

To strengthen our campus security and emergency preparedness.

  1. Further develop our plan for campus security.
  2. Add new security measure on campus, including a new card system that would have multiple uses, cameras in Residence Halls, updated lighting on campus.
  3. Continue the security training on campus for the MCC community.

PROCESSES & SYSTEMSMCC Strageic Planning button orange white navy.jpg

We envision processes and systems that perform effectively with all constituents beginning with first contact.

To identify processes and systems throughout the institution.

  1. Finalize the mapping of the enrollment process.

To evaluate and enhance major processes and systems throughout the institution.
To provide training for all constituents in processes and systems as they pertain to their involvement on campus.

  1. Continue training on all campus software.


We envision strengthening human resources, increasing revenue streams and exploring the development of new ones.

To enhance the effectiveness of MCC’s human resources.

  1. Continue the realignment of the organizational structure by re-instituting the President’s Cabinet by January 2015.
  2. Develop a committee of employees to help assess our current benefit structure.

To create a clear plan to increase contributions annually.

  1. Increase annual fund giving to $1.25M/year.
  2. Evaluate the success of the current fundraising plan and make necessary adjustments.
  3. Increase annual contributions from grants to $50,000/year.
  4. Begin utilizing the grant database provided thru KICA.

Research potential grants to apply for.
Determine who is responsible for securing grant and give necessary time and resources to write the proposal.

  1. Increase number of awardable scholarships by at least two per year.
  2. Grow estate participants by fifteen per year.
  3. Continue partnership with FPM to offer estate seminars.
  4. Raise $2M for site development infrastructure.
  5. Select fundraising consultant to help develop the plan to raise needed funding.
  6. Increase alumni participation rate from 8% to 16%.
  7. Continue offering the MCC Now Campaign.
  8. Host new alumni connection events.
  9. Hold LEAD alumni luncheon.

Establish a Strategic Enrollment Management plan that stabilizes retention.

  1.  Increase freshman retention rate from 62% to 78%.
  2.  Increase six year graduation completion rates to 65%.
  3. Strengthen the Dual-Degree Program and the support students need to succeed.

To establish a Strategic Enrollment Management plan that improves student recruitment.

  1. Increase LEAD enrollment from 45 to 100.
  2. Increase the Online Program enrollment from 20 to 40 students.
  3. Increase Traditional degree-seeking new students from 85 to 125.
  4. Develop a new student recruitment plan.
  5. Evaluate the recruiting plan begun in September 2013 and make adjustments as necessary.
  6. Develop marketing strategies to increase enrollment.
  7. Analyze the current marketing plan and realign resources as needed to strengthen enrollment.
  8. Explore alternative educational models.
  9. Explore a Masters program to offer at MCC.
  10. Develop concurrent enrollments with local High Schools.

Manhattan High School
Flint Hills Christian School


We envision being involved in strong academic partnerships by further enhancing our current relationships and developing new ones that are mutually beneficial. 

To strengthen our current partnerships.

  1. Cultivate stronger relationships with Kansas State University.
  2. Set date to host President Kirk Schulz on MCC’s campus.
  3. Develop systems and processes to facilitate a smooth transition for students between the two institutions.
  4. Cultivate stronger relationships with Manhattan Area Technical College.
  5. Hold bi-annual meetings to continue assessing and improving the relationship.
  6. To promote the CCV residency program and court new partners to offer similar programs.

To identify new strategic partners and pursue those relationships.

  1. Develop list of potential partners to pursue.

Fort Riley

• Develop a strategy to have a presence at Fort Riley to recruit students.

• To design structure with systems and processes for ease of transition and use by students and all strategic partners.