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2019 Reunion Evaluations

2019 “We are Family” Alumni Reunion

Participation: (based on 130 people registered)

Thursday: Friday: Saturday:
Chapel: 4.6% Golf: cancelled due to weather Alumni Worship Chapel: 65.4%
Lunch in CC: 11.5% Campus Tour: 7.7% Alumni luncheon: 61.5%
Campus tour: 3% Lunch in CC: 69.2%
Prayer walk: 1.5% Professor panel: 65.4%
Colbert Hills Dinner: 13% Canvas Painting: 18.5%
Vision 360/decades party: 99%

SURVEY: As of May 13, 2019 – 34 responses

  1. Overall, how would you rate the reunion?

Excellent: 55.88%
Very Good: 32.35%
Good: 11.76%
Fair: 0%
Poor: 0%

  1. How likely is it that you would recommend a MCC Alumni Reunion to a friend or colleague?

Very Likely: 59%
Likely: 35%
Not too likely: 6%

  1. How friendly and helpful were the staff?

Extremely friendly and helpful: 97.06%
Somewhat friendly and helpful: 2.94%

  1. What parts did you enjoy the most about the reunion?
  • The closing luncheon. The trivia game was fun, and the fellowship was relaxed.
  • Many activities to choose from. I really enjoyed the dinner at Colbert, it was nice for those who came early!
  • Being able to reconnect with people I love!! Sharing life stories…victories and struggles. Sharing family pics. Chapel was great. The dinner was awesome too!
  • Seeing my classmates. Informal visiting time, and seeing my professors.
  • Connecting with former students and professors.
  • The people! I loved seeing the people!
  • Catching up with a few friends.
  • The chance to meet with old friends.
  • I loved the alumni worship service. It was so encouraging and challenging!
  • Seeing old friends.
  • Connecting with MCC alumni and past professors.
  • Worship, Professor Panel.
  • The professor panel session and the tour.
  • Most everything! The meals, chapel, visiting, professor panel, and visiting classes.
  • The chance to talk to friends at meals.
  • Reconnecting with friends and former professors.
  • The campus tour, banquet, and the professor panel.
  • Professor panel, lunch in student center, chapel, banquet.
  • Seeing “old” friends again.
  • Cinnamon popcorn and seeing my old professors.
  • Primarily the fellowship with Alumni and Staff and students. The chapel music on Saturday was great. And I enjoyed visiting the Systematic Theology class.
  • The professor panel. Worship Saturday morning.
  • Conversations with friends.
  • Worship on Saturday morning – getting to hear our family lead worship. Also visiting with “old” friends.
  • The luncheon on Saturday and the Vision 360 night.
  • The opportunity to visit with former students and faculty.
  • Vision 360 Banquet and Chapel.
  • The chapel and seeing friends.
  • Every meal time was terrific. Friday lunch when current faculty spoke (needing mic for us deaf ones). 360 banquet with awards etc. and campaign announcement. Sat. luncheon with laughs and memories.
  • Seeing people
  • The professor panel and 360 banquet.
  • I most enjoyed reconnecting with previous classmates and teachers.
  1. What did you dislike about the reunion?
  • The shortness of the professor panel. I would have like to hear more from people who had traveled big distances to get to Manhattan. They surely had some wisdom to share.
  • Unfortunately I didn’t get to see many of my peers! Its’ so hard to get the younger grads to come, it’s like they haven’t been away long enough for it to be fun.
  • Having to leave. I wanted to buy a shirt and ran out of time.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing!
  • Nothing on your part, my week was a little crazy because of the week running up to Easter, but there’s always something!
  • Would have loved to have it matched up with a sporting event in the fall.
  • Nothing
  • Mostly only the timing. April was a busy month this year because I was trying to get church stuff ready for Easter. Everything else was great.
  • Nothing
  • The registration was confusing.
  • No issues.
  • That many people I would love to see did not (or could not) come!
  • Nothing as I was only able to attend the banquet.
  • Was pretty pleased with everything. Just wish more people that we know were there.
  • Not very many alumni from 1980-1984.
  • The faculty intros and talking at lunch. Let us just have good, fun conversations. Colbert Hill’s dinner
  • Nothing
  • Not a whole lot of options for food at Colbert Hills as I am gluten free
  • N/A
  • The tours and lunches
  • Nothing
  • All my classmates look old! Would like to hear from more faculty, and have a bit more time with classmates of my vintage.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing to dislike.
  1. How organized was the event?

Extremely Organized: 38.24%
Very Organized: 52.94%
Somewhat organized: 8.82%

  1. How easy was the registration process?

Extremely easy: 61.76%
Pretty easy: 32.35%
Somewhat easy: 2.94%
Not so easy: 2.94%

  1. What are your thoughts on the registration costs?

Just right: 70.59%
Somewhat inexpensive: 14.71%
Extremely inexpensive:  14.71%

  1. Was the reunion timetable too long, too short, or about right?

Too long: 2.94%
About right: 94.12%
Too short: 2.94%

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event?
  • The chapel session on Thursday was interesting, but perhaps not the most appropriate for the occasion. It would have been good to worship with the students.
  • Love the event, so fun to see and hear about other people’s experiences. Also very convenient for it to be in conjunction with Vision 360.
  • Great job everyone.
  • Genae is the best alumni organizer ever!
  • You all did a fabulous job!
  • Along with everything else you guys did well, I felt like the alumni committee did an amazing job at recruiting people to come. The pictures on facebook served a great purpose. Good job!
  • Thanks for doing it. Interesting that most attendees were ladies. How can you get more gentlemen there?
  • Excellent job renovating Jolliffe Hall.
  • Good job, everyone!
  • Great job. Look forward to the next one.
  • Excited about the possibility of a new dorm.
  • I was glad that I went. (Ginger Workman)
  • There was a great variety of activities and it was good to get to know some current students and some from other eras, too.
  • No
  • We know the event was for all classes, but it might be a good idea to emphasize certain classes like maybe the people that are having their 10 year, 20 year, 30 year, etc. and really advise more to the people from those years to try and get more of them to come.
  • Wish more from early 60’s would attend.
  • It was wonderful! I know it took a ton of work to get everything together. Someone (or ones) is super organized.
  • Many thanks to Genae and Jolene!
  • Just appreciate the staff effort at arranging the event each year. It’s a great blessing to the alumni community.
  • It was such a great time! Loved getting the former professors back. Chapel the next day was awesome! Just a couple of small things to improve: right after the fliers went out about the reunion, the website that we were directed to had no direct link. It was not easy to find where to register. Eventually had to use other means to register. Also, the tech was a little frustrating. Problems with sound at the professor panel and luncheon trivia, then the slides were behind in advancing for each of the worship songs. Again, just small things. Great weekend!
  • Need female faculty representation on the panel next time.
  • Thank you to all that worked so hard putting this on. It was very meaningful.
  • It was nice meeting everyone from other years/decades.
  • We missed Thursday, but ENJOYED the days we could attend. Thanks much for all the work and $ to make it happen!
  • Had a great time!
  • Thank you for putting your hard work into the planning and making it enjoyable for all, even my son, who is not a MCC student.