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ASPEKT Conference

Come and join the conversation, “Leadership and Soul Care.” How do we define success? As we make every effort to serve in God’s Kingdom with quality, we often use unhealthy tools to measure “good work.” Regardless of the leadership role we have, our growth is dependent on much more than skills and technique. Soul care involves nurturing our whole selves in order that we might more effectively invest in others. Focusing on who we are becoming is the ongoing task of an effective Kingdom worker.

This conference (formerly known as Western Fellowship of Professors and Scholars) promotes research, discussion, and academic fellowship on issues relating to the Christian faith.  The new name of ASPEKT was chosen because it better encompasses the goals for the conference as well as opens the conference up to attenders not just in academia but also in other areas of ministry.

November 3-4, 2017
Manhattan Christian College Campus
Manhattan, KS

Dr. Brian Medaris - Professor of Spiritual Formation

Dr. Brian Medaris

Plenary Speaker:
Dr. Brian Medaris

Professor of Spiritual Formation
Registration:  $50 (Student Rate $25)
Includes dinner on Friday night, and lunch on Saturday.
Breakfast is optional and Dutch-treat.

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Conference Director:
Alisha Paddock,

Topics for this year’s event include:
Spiritual Disciplines
Current issues in leadership
The Soul in the Old and New Testaments
Leaders in the Bible

Looking for a presentation topic?  Consider the following ideas:

•  How much/what kind of education does your preacher need? (what is the role of the Bible college in 21st century church preparation?)

•  If your mega-church hires professionals for the church staff (public school teachers, counselors, music leaders), how do you give them adequate biblical and theological training?

•  What are the best new methods in discipleship?

•  Church leadership and social media (using social media for pastoral care?)

•  Churches and the internet (web sites, blogs, etc.)

•  Ministering to the aging “Boomer” population

•  Pastoral counseling in an age of professionalism (how much/what kind of training do pastors need in small to medium church settings?)

•  The role of Biblical studies and theology in the church leader’s day-to-day ministry

•  Is the Bible really our rule of faith and practice? (when/where/how does exegesis actually change local church theology and practice?)

•  How do we avoid a “clergy” mentality in a free church with professional staff? (is the “priesthood of all believers” a viable idea?)

•  What is the nature and role of ordination in a free church context?

A student paper competition is also being planned so budding scholars are encouraged to participate.

If you have been working on a topic which may or may not be related to the conference theme, you are encouraged to consider being one of the presenters.  Drop an email to the conference director to get worked into the schedule.