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GED Recipients

GED Recipient Checklist


  • Application for Admissions & Fee – All students must complete an application for admissions to begin the acceptance process.  This process includes a non-refundable $25 application fee.  Priority deadline is March 1st.
  • Personal Reference Forms – Distribute the two personal reference forms to the appropriate, non-related people and ask them to mail the forms to the Admissions Office.  List in your application the names of the people to whom you gave the reference forms.  Examples of who to have do a reference include: pastor, church leader, youth sponsor, coach, teacher, employer, family friend and counselor.
  • GED Test Results –  Have official copies of your test scores sent from the organization who administered the test, or your state board of education.
  • College Transcripts – If you have any college credits, an official transcript of the college courses must be sent directly from each college attended.
  • ACT or SAT Scores – If you have completed less than 24 college credit hours, have the official test results sent to the college.  Manhattan Christian College’s ACT code is 1436 and the SAT code is 6392.

Housing & Dining*

  • Residence Hall Application – All incoming freshman and sophomores must live in the residence halls their first two years at Manhattan Christian College.  If you have someone with whom you wish to room, both students should request each other as roommates on the application.  The priority deadline is June 1st (fall semester) or November 30th (spring semester).
  • Security Deposit – to secure your spot in the residence halls, a security deposit is needed.  The security deposit is $125 with a deadline of June 1st (fall semester) or November 30th (spring semester). Security deposits received after the deadline will be charged a non-refundable late fee of $50 for a total of $175.
  • Housing & Dining Contract – all students living on campus must enroll in a ten or fifteen a week meal plan.
  • Menegitis Vaccine or Waiver – Following the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Manhattan Christian College requires all new students residing in campus housing to be vaccinated for meningitis or to sign a waiver indicating you decline the vaccine.  You must have a medical provider complete your record or sign the waiver.

*Policy details regarding housing and dining can be found in the student handbook under _______________.

Financial Aid


  • Attend one of our summer enrollment days to meet with an academic advisor, sign up for classes and go through enrollment orientation.