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Delort Leads Chaplaincy Program

The opportunity for undergraduate students to do clinical work is rare, but an agreement between Manhattan Christian College and the University of Kansas Hospital will provides opportunities for MCC students to be accepted into the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at KU Medical Center in Kansas City. 

MCC's chaplaincy emphasis is an option in the Christian Ministry major.  The chaplaincy emphasis is designed to prepare students in such a way as to be on the leading edge in knowledge, skills, and intrapersonal understanding as they enter graduate school or occupations in the field. 

The Clinical Pastoral Education program at KU Med will allow students to serve as chaplains at the hospital in addition to participating in interpersonal and intrapersonal development in a group setting. MCC students in the program will benefit by the opportunity to earn one unit of CPE credit which is typically required for those applying for residency at most institutions.    

Dr. Greg Delort, MCC Professor of Family Ministry, will be heading the program.  Having completed a year-long residency in chaplaincy during a recent sabbatical, Dr. Delort is board certified with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) as a pastoral counselor.  He has been accepted into the supervisory group as a Supervisory Education Fellow.  These outcomes of the residency provide Dr. Delort with the credentials with which to conduct education toward chaplaincy for MCC students as well as students from other institutions.  Dr. Delort will be providing the instruction for the new chaplain cohorts at KU Med during the next year.

This affiliation with the University of Kansas Hospital is an exciting, leading-edge opportunity for Manhattan Christian College and provides an entry point for learners to pursue further education in the field of chaplaincy.

For more information on the new chaplaincy program contact Dr. Greg Delort,