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Marcea Hernandez - Team Captain

Name:  Marcea Hernandez
Major at MCC/KSU:  Family and Counseling
Hometown:   Anthem ArizonaBreakfastClub-7_0.jpg
Home Church:  CCV
Special Talents:  Miranda Sings and Marcel the Shell impersonations, thrift store champion (I get all the deals) , flower knowledge (they are my very favorite),  collector of rocks, adult level coloring abilities, expert snacker,  and I am really good at hula hooping.
Strengths For Camp: Second Year Camp teamer and plenty of camp experience beforehand. I am a proactive problem solver and accept challenges.  
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: 
- 6th grade leader (sponsor): 1yr
- 7th grade leader(sponsor): 1 yr
- UCYC leader (sponsor): 1 summer
- CIY (attended): 3 yrs.
- Camp Team 2015
Year At MCC (For Fall 2016): 3rd Year
Activities Involved In At MCC:  n/a
Favorite Part about Camp: Having meals together and discovering the student’s personalities individually.
Favorite Junk Food:  Chili Fritos
Thing(s) You Would Most Want In A Care Package: Letters, healthy snacks, redvines
MCC Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalms 18:19

Paden Goucher


BreakfastClub-11.jpgMajor at MCC/KSU: Youth Ministry/Pastoral
Hometown: Goodyear, Arizona
Home Church:  Refinery Christian Church 
Special Talents:  Getting concussions while playing ping-pong. Eating large amounts of ice cream. 
Strengths for Camp:  Love working with youth. High energy. Can run on little sleep.
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences:  Middle School youth leader for two years, including one year of camp as a leader
Year at MCC (for fall 2016): Sophomore
Activities involved in at MCC: Soccer, Admissions Volunteer, Campus Host 
Favorite part about camp: The relationships that are built
Favorite junk food:  Cool Ranch Doritos
Thing(s) you would most want in a care package: Mike-n-Ikes, Slim Jims, Cheez-its
MCC Email address:
Favorite Bible Verse:  1 Samuel 17:45-47

Fred Douglas IV

BreakfastClub-13.jpgMajor at MCC/KSU: Pastoral/Counseling

Hometown: Overland Park 
Home Church: Legacy Christian Church
Special Talents: Best freestyler, my hat and shoe game is too strong
Strengths for Camp: I'm outgoing, passionate about God, and desire to see younger students learn and grow in their faith
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: I attended different camps such as Cyokamo, CIY, and Youth Quake from early elementary through my senior year of high school. I've been both a camper and a camp counselor. It was at a CIY conference that I rededicated my life to Christ.
Year at MCC (for fall 2016): Sophomore
Activities involved in at MCC: Basketball, MCC Now Committe, intermural sports
Favorite part about camp: Hanging out with students
Favorite junk food: Fried Chicken
Thing(s) you would most want in a care package: Money, food, new shoes, new hats, new swag socks
MCC Email address:
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Timothy 4:12 "Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity."

Madison Sanders


BreakfastClub-9.jpgMajor at MCC/KSU:  Intercultural and Pastoral
Hometown:  Peoria, Arizona
Home Church:  Christ’s Church of the Valley- Peoria
Special Talents:  communicating that I want a cookie in ASL, pretending my jokes are funny (and your jokes if I like you) and being allergic to most of the foods you like. 
Strengths for Camp:  ability to run on three hours of sleep and one cup of coffee, a plethora of dad-like dance moves, experience cleaning up puke and a love for people.
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences:  Triumphant Life Camp in California (5 years), UCYC (2 years) and CIY (3 years).
Year At MCC (for fall 2016):  Sophomore
Activities Involved In At MCC:  Freshman Class Vice President, Women’s Soccer, Women’s basketball manager and CRU.
Favorite Part About Camp:  Getting to know people I would never have met otherwise and small group time. 
Favorite Junk Food:  Sour patch kids and dried mangos.
MCC Email Address:
Favorite Bible Verse:  Deuteronomy 31:6