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Brooks Sutton - Team Captain

Major at MCC/KSU: Counseling/Spiritual Formation
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Home Church: Chandler Christian Church
Special Talents: Rubik’s Cube solver, Master of all sports(mainly underwater basket weaving)
Strengths for Camp: Guitar player/singer, Love being on stage, Have a beard
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: 1 Year of Summer Staff, 1 Year of Camp Team
Year at MCC (for fall 2014):  Sophomore
Activities involved in at MCC: Student Council, Ambassadors, and Nursing Home
Favorite part about camp: Relationships built with others
Favorite junk food: Swedish fish
Thing(s) you would most want in a care package: Grandma’s home made fudge
MCC Email address:
Favorite Bible Verse: John 9:5


Jordan Drapal


Name: Jordan Drapal
Major at MCC/KSU: Pastoral Ministry
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Home Church: Cross The Line
Special Talents: Cooking amazing sandwiches, super strength
Strengths for Camp: Creative, social, and flexible
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: Helped out with a middle school camp.
Year at MCC (for fall 2014): Freshman
Activities involved in at MCC: Intramural sports
Favorite part about camp: Being outdoors
Favorite junk food: Oreos
Thing(s) you would most want in a care package: Provolone cheese, salami, pepperoni,
MCC Email address:
Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 1

Halston Field


Major at MCC/KSU: Bible and Leadership / FACS Education
Hometown: Tonganoxie, KS
Home Church: Legacy Christian Church
Special Talents: Long-distance running, singing, and baking cookies
Strengths for Camp: I continually strive to befriend those whom others overlook. I look forward to actively engaging with students!
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: Camp CYOKAMO, CIY Believe/Move, VBS
Year at MCC (for fall 2014): Freshman
Activities involved in at MCC: Nursing home ministry, chapel team, small group
Favorite part about camp: The students!
Favorite junk food: Sour gummy worms
Thing(s) you would most want in a care package: Notes of encouragement
MCC Email address:
Favorite Bible Verse: It’s hard to pick a “favorite,” but Psalm 19:14 is a continual prayer of mine. “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O God, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

Hannah Schmitt


Name: Hannah Schmitt
Major at MCC/KSU: Children’s Ministry
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Home Church: Wildewood Christian Church
Special Talents: Very outgoing/Extroverted, a good listener, an example, caring
Strengths for Camp: I’m flexible when it comes to plans and tasks. I am willing to do anything given to me. I also like I said above, outgoing. I think thats a strength because I know it will be easy for me to talk to the campers.
Past Ministry/Camp Experiences: I have always helped out in the children’s ministry at my church since 7th grade, but I have also helped out in our youth group since my junior year as a student leader. I was in charge of helping plan different events and getting to know everyone and helping new students.
Year at MCC (for fall 2014): Freshmen
Activities involved in at MCC: MCC Now campaign helper, and I work two jobs for the school
Favorite part about camp: My favorite part about camp growing up was being surrounded by so many people wanting to praise and learn more about God. It was a week away from my family where I could meet others who are on a journey like me to grow our faith.
Favorite junk food: French fries & cookies!
Thing(s) you would most want in a care package: I really like homemade food, so if I had food in a care package that would make me very happy. I also really like when my family and friends send encouraging letters!
MCC Email address: