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Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant Application (pdf version) (web version) |  Resident Assistant Reference Form (pdf version)  (web version)


To be considered for a Resident Assistant position, one must (1) complete the Resident Assistant Application [download the PDF fill it out, save it as your name and email it to] and (2) distribute two reference forms [download the PDF, fill it out, have your reference save it as your name and email it to] to be completed by a local Pastor, current boss, someone you are currently doing ministry with, or an MCC faculty/staff member.  Please do not have a friend or family member complete a reference form.  Reference forms must be turned in by Monday, February 13th.  References may complete the online form here: Resident Assistant Reference Form

Mission Statement: “To lead people towards maturity in Christ through spiritual growth, relationship building, and personal discipline.”  Colossians 1:28

Each Resident Assistant will be required to purchase a 10 or 15 meal housing/dining option.  Each semester you will receive a $1,547 credit toward your housing/dining bill and $1,000 cash stipend.  The stipend will be paid on the 15th and 30th (or the earliest business day closest to these dates) of each month during the semester.