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Enrollment Forms

Enrollment Forms and Information

The following forms are available for download or may be completed online and printed.Please note any required form may be completed online before being printed and returned to the MCC Business Office. You will, however, be required to actually sign any form that has a signature line. You may always print and complete any of these forms manually, if you wish.

Get Adobe ReaderAll forms are in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader (7.0+) to complete these forms online.If you do not have version 7 or higher, please download from the link on the right.

Note: An automatic late fee will be assessed if fee payment is not completed by the end of student’s scheduled time. To enroll online students must see their advisor for the Advisor Pin prior to enrolling. MCC’s on-campus enrollment each term.


Payment and Initial Disclosure Agreement

  • Students are only required to sign this form one time for the duration of their enrollment at MCC.
  • Federal Regulations now require schools to disclose information regarding enrollment, payment of fees, payment plans, withdrawals, and past due balances. All students must sign this form before their enrollment will be completed.


Insurance Waiver (required for all students)

  • MCC requires ALL students to have insurance. A waiver with proof of existing coverage will be completed by students through MyMCC, You may elect your own coverage, Lafene Health Center (Kansas State University’s Health Clinic) or MCC’s Student Insurance Policy.

Lafene Health Clinic (this is a health clinic only not insurance)

  • Students who do not have existing medical insurance are required to purchase access to K-State’s Lafene Health Clinic through MCC, purchase MCC’s Health Insurance plan or obtain their own coverage. For more information on what is covered by having access to Lafene Health Clinic link above.
    ***Please note*** K-State’s Lafene Health Clinic is a health clinic only – it is not insurance and does not provide emergency services.

MCC Student Insurance Enrollment Form (could be required to submit)

  • If you do not have insurance and wish to purchase insurance through the college, fill out this form.

MCC Student Insurance Brochure

  • This brochure contains information about MCC’s Student Insurance Policy.



Student Vehicle Registration (required to submit for parking permit)

  • If you are purchasing a parking permit from MCC, you are required to fill out this registration form.

Parking Brochure (not required to submit)

  • This brochure contains the rules and regulations for purchasing a parking permit from MCC as well as information about parking on campus.



Release Form (not required, but recommended)

  • Due to federal privacy laws (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act 1974) MCC cannot release information about student account balances or financial aid status to anyone except the student on the account unless this form is filled out and submitted to the Business Office. If you have previously completed a Release Form, your current information will remain in effect until you no longer attend MCC and there is no reason to resubmit this form unless you need to make a change.

Unclaimed Property Turnover Policy (not required, but recommended)

  • This policy contains instructions for the college to take in the event that a student does not claim property that is theirs. If you have already completed an Unclaimed Property Turnover Form, you do not need to recomplete this form.

Parent PLUS Loan check release to student (not required, to be completed by parents)

  • Federal law says that if a parent takes out a Federal Parent PLUS loan for their student and a credit balance is generated on their student’s account the money is required to be refunded to the parent. However, if you would like the money to go to your student directly, complete this form.


Campus Security Report

If you have any questions, please contact our office: