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Associate Minister

Education and Experience Requirements- We are a church that has given many successful ministers their first chance, we are willing to hire without experience and without finished education if we see a strong ability and desire for ministry. We have a long list of youth and associate pastors who have learned greatly here and moved on to much larger churches.
The position of Associate will cover a variety of ministry, limited preaching, and calling. Working with small groups. Helping and assisting in the Ministry Teams of the church, including the leaders of the youth and childrens programming.
Our Church has had strong healthy leadership and a young vibrant congregation. We have grown from under 100 on Sunday mornings to 175 over the past 3 years. We have had 36 baptisms in the last 18 months and been a part of so many peoples faith stories. We are in a small town, but unlike many rural churches we are bursting at the seems and God is working. We are looking for someone who wants to be a part of the next chapter as we break the 200 barrier and push to reach the lost in our community. Our Wednesday night programming averages 85 kids 6th grade and under and 50 Jr. High and High School.

Physical Address: 
Sutherland Church of Christ
203 S. Oak Street,
Sutherland IA, 51058

John Erickson


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