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Associate Minister

Principle Calling:

The primary ministry for the associate pastor position will be to shepherd the youth program here at Rossville Christian Church (RCC) as a part of the congregation’s overall vision. The individual will be called to fulfill the great commission among young people as well as minister to their families. Finally the associate minister will be called by God and be able to communicate vision for growing and fulfilling the great commission amongst the youth of Kaw Valley.


  1. Use creative and innovative techniques that will encourage, grow and develop the youth in the Kaw valley area.
  2. Create a well-rounded outreach program incorporating the congregation to help connect with lost and unchurched youth in the Kaw Valley area.
  3. Be active and participate in youth camps. This is a flexible program and participation can be negotiated around availability of secondary employment.
  4. Communicate youth programs, ideas, and initiatives to the Kaw Valley area and to the congregation.
  5. Recruit and energize and train volunteers for the youth programs.
  6. Be willing to actively pursue youth using social media.
  7. Develop a mission support program for the youth to be involved in outreach.
  8. Communicate well, both written and verbal, with leadership about ideas, plans and needs to accomplish youth program goals.
  9. Develop and successfully implement youth program budget
  10. Identify, encourage and foster growth of youth into ministry careers.
  11. Work with the congregation to incorporate youth in regular services and the congregation into youth activities.

Other Ministry Requirements:

  1. Oversee the Sunday School Coordinator position, providing feedback and expectations of these programs.
  2. Have open communication with Senior Pastor about vision and ministry goals.
  3. Fill in pastor responsibilities when the pastor is absent. (approximately 3 Sundays a year)
  4. Participate in weekly ministry meetings.
  5. Have regular office hours, as ministry and part-time work allows. The 20 hour requirement maybe fulfilled in a flexible manner to support other employment, however this position will require the pastor to be present at least 4 days, including Sunday, out of the week.
  6. Any other duties and responsibilities of ministry that might arise.

Time Requirements:

The associate pastor will be required to work at least 20 hours a week to accomplish duties and responsibilities. We understand the need to work a secondary job and so the office hour requirement is flexible if they communicate their availability to the Senior Pastor, and it does not affect their ability to accomplish their ministry at RCC. Furthermore, we also understand that ministry may require more than 20 hours in each week as so compensation time will be allowed in leu of overtime.

Physical Address: 
Rossville Christian Church
411 Spruce St, Rossville, KS 66533

Brandon Mildren


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