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Intercultural Internship in New South Wales

Australia Internship with NMSI – South Pacific Christian Fellowship

Work alongside SPCF missionaries in the New South Wales area as they seek to connect with people in this highly secular, multicultural, and transitory society.  Interns will participate in both church ministry (opportunities including preaching, teaching, discipleship, and youth work) and school ministry (helping staff lead scripture classes in the public school, working alongside school chaplains, etc.).  There will also be opportunities to be involved with community development, outreach, and evangelism projects.


  • Public school ministry
  • Teaching and discipleship
  • Youth and children
  • Community outreach

Internships are available from three weeks to one year.  SPCF will provide missionaries with over 5 years of experience for internship oversight.  SPCF interns will participate in New Mission Systems Venture internship program through which they will be given fundraising training, pre-trip orientation and training, as well as a one-week debrief at the completion of their internship.

All interested persons should contact Dr. John Woodward for more information. / 515-460-1996

South Pacific Christian Fellowship

A Ministry of NMSI

Physical Address:
South Pacific Christian Fellowship,
P.O. Box 390334, Omaha Nebraska 68139.

Dr. John Woodard / 515-460-1996


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