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Children’s Director

The primary role of the Children’s Director(CD) of Hazelwood Christian Church is to create a discipling  environment for the church’s children (Infant through grade 5) through biblical leadership, creative teaching, and strategic planning to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples.  


  • The Children’s Director (CD) is responsible for casting vision and overseeing the planning,  recruiting, and implementation of Hazelwood Christian Church’s Children’s Ministry. • The CD will work to recruit, train, and empower adult partners involved with the Children’s  Ministry.  
  • The CD will work to motivate adult sponsors of the Children’s programs in a passionate, unified  approach to fulfill the vision of the church. 
  • The CD will help create a healthy and safe environment for the children and their parents in order  that all can come to experience salvation through Jesus Christ and learn to trust Him.  • The CD will work in partnership with the Lead Minister, Youth Minister, other ministers, and  Elders to plan the overall direction of the Children’s Ministry in alignment with being a disciple making church 
  • The CD will work along-side & disciple adult partners of the Children’s Ministry to encourage,  train, and provide accountability for their spiritual growth. 
  • The CD will identify God-given gifts within individuals willing and eager to serve The Lord and  integrate these talents and skills into the Children’s Ministry.  

Teaching & Spiritual Development 

  • The Children’s Director (CD) will be responsible for the development and management of the  Children’s curriculum and teaching schedules for the Sunday Morning Experience which includes  Sunday School & Worship hour. 
  • The CD will work in close connection with the Children’s Ministry partners to create an enjoyable, focused worship atmosphere for all children’s programs. 
  • The CD will work to provide support and tools for parents as they spiritually raise their children.  • The CD will need to be proficient with technology to help develop online Children’s Ministry  lessons, tips, etc.… for children and parents. This can be accomplished through an ongoing  presence in social media and video production.  
  • The CD will be responsible to develop & evaluate all programming such as VBS, Summer Camps,  etc.…… 
  • The CD will be encouraged to participate in seminars, conferences, webinars, etc.…. for the  betterment of HCC’s Children’s Ministry and personal professional development.  


  • The Children’s Director (CD) will provide oversight to the day-to-day operation of HCC Children’s  Ministry.
  • The CD will participate in weekly Staff meetings with ministerial Staff to enhance communication  among the Staff. 
  • The CD will oversee all adult leaders for HCC Children’s Ministry to ensure excellence in ministry,  to maintain a healthy team environment. 
  • The CD will be responsible to create and maintain the Children’s Ministry budget in alignment  with HCC’s budget.  
  • The CD will need to regularly communicate to volunteers and parents through social media,  video, texts, personal phone calls, etc.…. 
  • The CD will attend and provide a ministry update at monthly Elders’ meetings as well as attend  any periodic strategic or leadership development meetings for Staff and Elders. 


  • The Children’s Director (CD) will work to foster an attitude of outreach within HCC Children’s  Ministry. 
  • The CD will help develop creative ways to engage the community through children-oriented  events.  
  • The CD will introduce and involve the children in reaching all nations for Jesus Christ by  partnering with HCC’s missionaries.  


  • The Children’s Director (CD) will provide basic Crisis and General counseling for children and their  parents. 
  • The CD will be responsible to follow up with new and visiting children and their families of the  church. 
  • The CD will work in close communication with the Lead Minister in regard to hospital and in home visitation. 
  • The CD will share emergency calling duties with the other ministers of the church. 

Working Relationships 

  • The Children’s Minister will work in partnership with the Lead Minister, Staff and Elders in all  matters of leadership. 
  • The CD will be accountable to the Lead Minister and Elders of Hazelwood Christian Church.  • The CD will be encouraged to build relationships and partnership with area Children’s Ministries.  

Terms of Employment 

  • This is a salary position. The corresponding salary and vacation time will be reviewed at least  annually and determined by the Elders. 
  • Evaluations will be conducted annually. During the first year of employment, they will be more frequent. 
  • This position includes 2 weeks of vacation as well as the following holidays: New Year’s Day,  Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, unless those  days occur on a Sunday whereby the following Monday will be considered the holiday. 

Desired Qualifications for Children’s Director 

  • A disciple who desires to grow in their love of God and people. 
  • Called by the Holy Spirit to disciple children and their parents. 
  • A passion to teach God’s Word.  
  • A personal prayer life and commitment to be obedient to the Word of God.
  • Has a proven track record of working well with others. • The ability to work with a broad diversity of people. 
  • A passion to be discipled and to disciple others to new life in Christ. • Organized skills in administrative management. 
  • Creative and proficient in written communication. 
  • Computer skills with Adobe Software, ProPresenter, I-movie, etc.….  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Bible College. 
  • Is visionary, self-motivated, creative, and innovative in ministry thinking. • Exemplifies the humility and servant attitude of Christ.

Physical Address:
Hazelwood Christian Church
9947 County Road 0, Clayton, IN 46118

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