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Children’s Minister

Capitol City Christian Church is looking for a Children’s Minister to join the team to help people find and follow Jesus Christ. We are a growing church of 500 people located in the North East side of Lincoln Nebraska. Lincoln is home to 300 thousand people in need of spiritual health and a university of Nebraska victory. Our church needs someone that has the calling and the ability to equip teams of volunteers to influence birth through 5th grade kids. Our hope is God would send us a candidate that is gifted in recruiting, team building, and vision casting to equip the saints for great works that will bring glory to Jesus Christ.


If you are a disciple of Jesus, a leader of leaders, coachable, and willing to grow a children’s ministry from the ground up, please let us know. May God bless you in your search.

Physical Address: 
Capitol City Christian Church
7800 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE 68505

John Muffler


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