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Responsible to the Senior Minister and the Elders for all the business, financial, and facility
management of the church operation. This includes structures and systems for church
communication and oversight of some ministerial and support staff.

 Commitment to Christ
 Theologically sound and biblically faithful
 Excellent communication skills including all aspects of communication:
o Interpersonal
o Presentation
o Effective listening
 Values a team concept of ministry
 High moral and ethical character that is reflective in behavior and decision making

 Supervise and seek to improve our system of financial accountability seeking to keep the
church programs operating within budget. Staff representative to the Financial Ministry
 Responsible for preparation and compilation of annual budget for consideration and
approval of the Elders.
 Responsible for collecting quotes, negotiating terms, and contracting (with the approval
of the Elders) for all insurance policies, ongoing contracts, and other purchases.
 Coordinate, negotiate, and contract (with the approval of the Elders) for all personnel
benefits, including health insurance policies, on an annual basis.
 Serve as the Staff representative to the Personnel Committee for the evaluation of
personnel policies and benefits.
 Select, coordinate, and maintain the optimal use of all office equipment including
computer (hardware and software), inter office network, Internet services, and phone
system. This includes the church management software (member database) and financial
 Responsible for the approval of the design and production of all church communications,
including any or all of the following: website, social media sites, church app, electronic
or printed newsletters, Sunday morning bulletin. This includes ordering any outside
graphic design work.
 Provide direct supervision of the Facility Manager, custodial, and secretarial staffs, taking
the necessary actions to maintain a high level of effectiveness.
 Maintain the church calendar, scheduling events for all church programs, van usage,
community organizations, weddings, etc.
 Coordinate the church calendar with all the staff including the custodial and secretarial
staffs. This includes making sure the Ministerial Staff is scheduled for daily hospital
visits and the desired number of Ministers in the office each day.

 Organize programs and schedule within the LIFE Ministries for the safe and effective use
of the building for exercise and fellowship. Collect the annual LIFE Ministries
Membership Fee from users not members of TCCC.
 Serve as the Staff representative to Facilities Ministry Team.
 Supervise inventory supplies such as office supplies and dry goods.
 Ensure adequate facilities, multi-media equipment, audio-visual equipment, supplies etc.
are available for Bible School Classes, Wednesday Evening Classes, and Church Bible
Studies, which are on site.
 Other responsibilities as directed by the Senior Minister.

 Accounting and/or business experience and knowledge
 Proficient in organization
 Skilled and comfortable in the use of technology
 Proven ability to lead staff effectively

To perform this ministry job successfully, it is expected that the candidate have a college degree.
Specifically, that education / training would be in an area of business or accounting. Formal
biblical education or a proven understanding of biblical knowledge and ministry is also essential
to success in this position. Previous experience as an Executive Minister is preferred but not
required. Proficiency and comfort in the use of the computer and other technology is vital to
success in this position.

This position requires standing, walking, sitting, bending, kneeling, stooping, reaching, pulling,
and lifting up to 40 pounds. In an eight hour shift, this position may require sitting for six hours
and standing or walking for two hours.


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