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City Camp Internship

Summer Intern – City Camp Internship
City Camp is a 9-week day camp that serves at-risk youth in Kansas City’s urban core. It is
geared toward sharing the Gospel with students, ages 7- 18, through hands-on learning which
encourages spiritual, educational, emotional, and social growth. Interns lead and walk alongside
youth as they explore together the depth of Christ’s love. This love is shown in many ways: the
feeding of meals, recreation, engaging education, and the enforcement of loving discipline. City
Camp interns lead activities for students, gaining skills that can be applied in many contexts.
Some skills gleaned through City Camp Internships are: classroom leadership and management,
creativity, time management, communication, team work, evangelism, discipleship, teaching,
conflict resolution, encouragement, positive reinforcement, and nonviolent crisis intervention.


Saundra Weigel-Blount

Physical Address:

City Union Mission
1100 E. 11th st.

Kansas City, MO, 64106

Organization Website: