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Cross-Cultural Church Planter / New Zealand

For New Zealand, we are seeking both individuals and families to partner with Kiwi church planters to serve as partners in developing new churches across the country.  Various ministry skills are sought: Teaching, discipleship, youth and children, preaching and evangelism. Individuals / family will be assessed of their skills and experiences and matched with local Christians to create a Kiwi-lead team.  The primary role the Co-Church Planters will be community outreach, service, discipleship and teaching. Minimum commit of three years is required.

QUALITIFCATIONS:  Applicants should have a deep and dynamic relationship with Jesus that spills over in an abundance of love and deep concern for the lost.  They should have proven involvement in discipleship, church ministry (not necessarily on a professional level) and clearly demonstrate an involvement with evangelism and outreach.  They should also be comfortable in the working in highly secular cultures and able to relate with people who profess no belief in God. Candidates should be culturally adaptable and flexible.  An attitude of humility is vital in order to come under the direction and leadership of the Kiwi team leaders.

All interested candidates must apply at New International and fulfill all assessment and cross-cultural preparations required by South Pacific / New International (SP/NI).  Further, as a part of SP/NI, you will receive support and oversight by our staff and regional directors while on the mission field.

Physical Address: 
South Pacific / New International (SP/NI)
2701 Cleveland Avenue, STE 200
Fort Myers, FL  33901

John Woodward


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