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Discipleship Minister

Bettendorf Christian Church Ministry Description, Discipleship Minister – October 15, 2018

BCC’s Ministry Vision

A fearless church with selfless love, pursuing Jesus, transforming relationships, and boldly sharing Jesus.

General Description

BCC’s Discipleship Minister will lead discipleship-oriented initiatives and direct the spiritual growth and personal care ministries of the church. In terms of outreach, the minister will work in alignment with the ministry vision and with the current and future strategies for connecting new people.

Discipleship Lead

–Direct BCC’s groups with effective assimilation methods, leadership development, and processes or systems that cultivate their healthy growth in the church.

–Develop an overall framework that outlines how each person at church is or can be discipled.

–Utilize assessments to determine how people are pursuing Jesus or being transformed in their relationships with God and others, then lead initiatives to increase this – personally and corporately.

–Supervise and create with Connection ministries the strategies needed to engage new people in their early steps of relationship at BCC. Work with ministry leaders to establish the vision, goals, and benchmarks for growing people.

–Provide training for small group leaders and guide them with resources to equip and shepherd their people.

–Set the example of discipling by personally evangelizing and teaching others, helping to turn them into disciple-makers who share Jesus.

Performance will be assessed on: the overall health of BCC’s group ministry with well-resourced leaders.

Spiritual Growth

–Oversee and promote the adult ministries of the church that are intended to generate spiritual growth in their participants (adult education, Bible studies, support groups).

–Work in conjunction with other ministry leaders in all areas (men’s, women’s, family, children) accounting for the biblical content being taught to ensure it matches BCC’s priorities and emphases – encouraging a strong grasp of truth and informed by a Christian worldview.

–Teach and preach (as needed or in conjunction with the Sr. Minister) – serving as a key ally in advocating practices that help people grow in their walk with Christ (prayer, the word of God, generosity, service).

Performance will be assessed on: the efforts made in communicating and promoting the practice of biblical truth in coordination with other leaders.

Pastoral Care

–Coordinate with other BCC ministers the visitations on people, addressing pastoral care needs and acting on personal or prayer requests.

–Create and develop a system of care by which others in the church can use their gifts to minister in the body.

–Maintain a visible presence at services for all members, attenders, and guests, leading them in love.

Performance will be assessed on: the management of a workable and nurturing network of care that meets the physical and spiritual needs of people.

Interactions with Others

–Participate and collaborate with other staff to advance the ministry vision.

–Support other ministry efforts as is practical along with conducting funerals, weddings and attending events in people’s lives appropriate to a minister’s involvement.

To apply, visit our website, and click on the link

Send cover letter, resume and any correspondence to David Sulgrove,

Physical Address: 
Bettendorf Christian Church
3487 Towne Pointe Dr,
Bettendorf IA 52722

David Sulgrove


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