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The Family Pastor is responsible for overseeing the entire ministry
experience for the children (birth through fifth grade) and youth (sixth through twelfth grade) of
Glenn Park Christian Church. The Pastor is responsible for (a) equipping, supervising, and
supporting passionate and enthusiastic volunteer leaders; (b) leading the process of selecting
and/or producing age-appropriate curricula at each level of the family ministry; (c) assist the
congregation of fulfilling our mission; (d) Developing and implementing a ministry vision and
philosophy that balances outreach and discipleship and that strategically unites all family related
ministries; and (e) develops relationships with the families in the church that help them grow in
their relationship with Jesus.

Relationship Development (50%)
Maintain healthy relationships with the youth that lead them in a growing relationship with
Christ and make disciples
• Partner with and equip parents to be the primary discipleship leaders of their families
• Implement a culture within the church that prioritizes, promotes, grows, and cares for the
• Encourage students to become involved in different opportunities for worship and service
in all areas of the Body
• Maintain a good and close working relationship with local high schools and be active and
present in the kids extracurricular activities
• Plan and provide outreach events to reach the un-churched youth and families in our
• Help students to discover and use their gifts and create and provide youth with
opportunities to share their faith
• Provide productive regular meetings and activities for Junior High and High School aged
• Communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available
resources (email, website, bulletin, etc.) with both the congregation and church staff
• Lead appropriate youth Sunday School classes and develop team who can cover in case
of not being able to be present

Provide leadership and oversight to ministries for families with children
• Collaborate in the creation of new ministries as opportunities and needs arise
• Work to create a culture of ministry that creates safe relationships, a fun atmosphere, and
a deeper connection with Jesus Christ
• Effectively communicate the children’s programs and opportunities for families to the
• Ensure that all volunteers working in a children’s church context of the church are
supported and equipped to fulfill their duties. Provide no more or less than two weeks per
month of service for the children in the elementary area of this ministry
• Oversee and assist in recruiting a talented team of volunteers for children’s ministries
• Raise the visibility of children’s ministries to the entire congregation and to the
surrounding community
• Be active in the monthly staff meetings to provide direction, organization, and
coordination of each children’s ministry efforts
• Establish annual goals with children’s ministry leaders that are consistent with our
mission and values at Glenn Park

Instructional Development (20%)

• Participates with Volunteer leaders in the annual process of curriculum selection and
scope/sequence determination
• Collects feedback from Sunday school and children’s church leaders re: effectiveness of
curriculum at each level during the first two months of a new curriculum implementation
• Writes curricula for selected lessons
• Sends curricula via email to volunteer leaders each week by Wednesday before the
Sunday of service
• Maintains and provides suggested time allotments (in the weekly curriculum
supplements) for small and large group activities.
Special Activities:
• Leads the process (with volunteer team) of selecting and developing age-appropriate and
effective themes and lessons for special events such as VBS, etc.
• Plan and organize various youth trips such as CIY, Mission Trips, etc.

Personnel / Sunday School Leaders (25%)

• Creates / Maintains / Assembles up-to-date training materials for new volunteer leaders
• Creates / Maintains / Assembles Orientation handbook
• Plans / Facilitates ministry area trainings
• Responsible for Training of all Sunday Morning Staff / Volunteers who are directly
related to the family ministry.

Management & Development:
• Casts the vision for Sunday Morning excellence in Sunday Schools for all family
ministry age levels
• Meets with volunteers re:
➢ Ongoing training and development
➢ Issues on Sunday Mornings
➢ Issues with children in classes
➢ Classroom Management and Evaluation
➢ Issues with Policies & Procedures
• Responsible for ongoing communication with volunteers
• Connects Volunteers and Families to Church-wide ministry opportunities (Special
Events, Service Opportunities, etc.)
• Tracks retention of Volunteers (when they started, when they stopped, why they stopped,
• Provides contact information/lists of volunteers/families to other church staff and elders.

• Oversees scheduling for all Children’s and Youth Ministry Volunteers
• Tracks volunteers who are on “leave of absence” from volunteering
• Finds substitutes for last minute cancellations or “holes” in the schedule
• Adjusts schedule to reflect changes in Staffing Structure (opening new classrooms, new
school year, adjusting room ranges, etc.)
• Assists with Classroom Breakdowns (Move-Up Sundays)
➢ Creates Ministry Area Maps
➢ Assists with Birth date breakdown of kids
➢ Manages volunteer/kid class assignments
➢ Re-distributes kids in order to keep classes manageable for volunteers

• Send Reminder Emails to Volunteers and Parents (weekly)
• Send New Volunteer information to Office Administrator
• Send Volunteer Contact information changes to Office Administrator
• Ensure Safe Environments for all family ministry related events
• Maintain Monthly Budget (Receipts)
• Responsible for Preparing Budget Proposal for Family Ministry portion of budget
• Participate in Communications Meetings for Web Site Updates and Church
• Facilitates appreciation lunches and/or special events for volunteers
• Assists volunteers with all appreciation events (Back to School, Holidays, etc.)
• Write Thank You Cards to Volunteers (Holidays, and 2 per week)

Pastoral (As needed):
• Hospital Visits to Members (Births, Illnesses, etc.)
• Facilitate meals for Members in Need
• Meeting with volunteers struggling through hard life circumstances
• Work with the Lead Pastor and Elders in the teaching of sound Biblical doctrine

Miscellaneous (5%) (Ongoing, As Needed)

Staff/Professional Development:
• Attends Staff Meetings
• Attends Children’s and Youth Ministry / Leadership Conferences
• Keeps up to date with books re: volunteerism, leadership, children’s and youth ministry,
Staff / Professional Development:
• Lead in Strategic Planning for Family Ministry
• Assists in Church-wide Ministry Events (Pancake Breakfast, Fall Festival, etc.)
1. Strong leadership and team-building skills
2. Strong oral and written communication skills
3. Strong organizational skills
4. Strong systematic theological skills for the review, development, writing, and editing of
5. Ability to channel strong creativity and resourcefulness skills toward the selection,
development, and creation of age-appropriate curriculum
6. Ability to recruit, motivate, develop, mentor, and lead volunteers, students, and peer
7. Ability to work independently and/or lead in a team environment
8. Ability to work under high pressure and time sensitive situations with grace, compassion, and
9. Maintains a teachable, cheerful, servant-oriented, and grace-filled attitude
10. Conducts oneself in a warm, friendly, and professional manner with a high degree of integrity
11. Possesses a strong commitment to leading the lost to Christ and seeing all people find peace
and freedom in their lives
12. Seeks, accepts and responds to evaluative feedback from peers, elders, served members, and
senior leadership to improve performance
13. Takes initiative to become more effective in management of ministries and to develop more
effective systems to support those ministries
14. Actively seeks out and participates in professional and personal development activities
designed to improve effectiveness in areas of identified issues, both in ministry and
15. Previous experience in a family ministry leadership position in a church environment
POSITION REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor and Elders


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