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Fusion Youth Director

New Hope is excited to announce that the search for a new Fusion Youth Director is underway, and the
search committee is now accepting applications. Completed applications should include the following:
resume, name and phone number of 5 references (one of which must be youth, one a mentor, and one
a church leader) and cover letter. Cover letter should address the following: personal walk with God,
personal philosophy for youth ministry, and explanation of passion for youth ministry in regards to key
responsibilities as outlined in job description. Interested applicants should read the attached job
description prior to completing application materials.
Please submit all materials to no later than March 31st . Feel free to email
with any further questions.
Fusion Search Committee

We are looking for a person who loves God and loves youth because of their experience of the love of
God in their lives. This person should be committed to the vision of advancing the Gospel by multiplying
disciples who are committed to doing life together. This is designed to be a salaried, part-time position
with 10 days paid time off. We anticipate the director working approximately 30 hours per week on
average throughout the year. The individual serving in this role will work in cooperation with the Fusion
Leadership Team (FuLe), and will be supervised by a staff supervisor who is also invested in Fusion. This
role will include the following responsibilities, and both the role and the employee will be formally
evaluated on an annual basis.

Key Responsibilities
Relational Ministry. First priority of youth director is to ensure that relationships between adult
volunteers and youth are being built.
● Youth director knows youth and parents by being present and engaged at Fusion and New Hope
● Fosters a deep spiritual connection and community not only with but also between Fusion
youth. (This is confusing to me)
● Participates regularly in community and/or school events involving youth connected with
● Engages in “spontaneous” events not only involving Fusion youth, but also youth from the
community and marginalized youth.
Programs – The Youth Director ensures that all details of youth programs and special events are taken
care of so an atmosphere of belonging and fellowship is created, in which emerging spiritual and
leadership skills can be developed.
● Oversees teaching of Fusion including Fusion Central, small groups, and other events with
teachings that engage students of varying spiritual maturity, ages, and backgrounds on a deeper
heart level.
● Coordinates leaders and helps prepare any needed materials for weekly or special programs.
● Communicates scheduling needs with FHCS or other facilities as needed.
● Organizes, plans, and executes special events including but not limited to youth retreats, Super
Summer, mission trips, special fellowship & equipping events.
o Outreach and/or service opportunities
Volunteers – Youth director coordinates and supervises all volunteers within Fusion
● Recruits, trains, & equips FuLe members to build relationships with students and grow in their
faith and ministry.
● Recruits, trains, & equips student leaders to disciple other students.
● Delegates responsibilities as needed.
● Holds regular meetings, in which support, training, and encouragement are provided to the FuLe
and student leadership teams.
● Equips volunteers to build an inclusive community where everyone is welcome (James 2:1-13).

Communications – Youth director coordinates communications with Fusion youth, parents, staff and
● Provides regular updates on events and activities to Fusion parents.
● Conduct regular forums to collaborate with and inform Fusion parents of needs in Fusion.
● Update staff, supervisor, and elders on Fusion happenings and culture.
o Attend NH staff meeting weekly
● Keep New Hope informed of Fusion activities and events through various means such as CG
Program, NH Listserve, social media, articles, etc.
● Manage Fusion social media related communications
● Leader. Compassionate. Patient. Teacher. Sense of humor. Energetic. Fun-loving. Humble.
Galatians 5:22-23.
● Connect well with youth, staff, parents, and volunteers. Effective written and oral
communicator. Balance multiple tasks. Authentic and transparent with personal faith.
Comfortable managing conflict. Loves the least of these (as modeled by Christ). Effectively
manage Fusion budget in cooperation with supervisor.

Search Committee

Physical Address:
New Hope Community Church
1300 Fremont St.
Manhattan, KS 66502