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Lead Minister

General Summary of Position: 

Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching; engage in pastoral  care; and provide administrative leadership. 


  1. Character: Shall be an example to believers and unbelievers alike in personal  godliness (I Timothy 4:12) and agree with the JCC statement of faith. 2. Call: Shall believe that God has truly called him into ministry, and this ministry in  particular. 
  2. Credential: Shall have training, competence, and experience in areas needed to  stretch and lead the ministry. 
  3. Compatibility: Shall have demonstrated the ability to work harmoniously in a  multiple staff environment. 

Detailed Job Description: 

The responsibilities of the Lead/Preaching Minister will include, but not be limited to,  those listed below: 

  1. Preaching/Teaching
  • Spend adequate time in study and preparation each week in order to deliver  biblical and inspirational sermons. 
  • Prepare long-range preaching plans to help facilitate worship planning. Work with worship leader(s) in the planning of worship services. 
  1. Pastoral Care
  • Work with the elders to ensure the pastoral care of members including hospital,  nursing home, and in-home visitation. 
  • Provide for the follow-up of prospective members. 
  • Provide spiritual, short-term counseling and/or referrals as needed. Provide pre-marital counseling. Officiate weddings. Perform funeral services.  Be available for crisis situations. 
  1. Administrative Leadership
  • Guide JCC in the fulfillment of its mission to help people find, follow, and be like  Jesus. 
  • Work with the elders to discern and cast the vision of JCC.
  • Empower the leaders, staff, ministries and members to implement the vision. Lead the elders in an annual strategic planning meeting. 
  • Lead the ministry staff in weekly meetings. 
  • Promote outreach into the community and surrounding areas. 
  1. Personal & Professional Growth
  • Demonstrate a commitment to becoming more like Jesus through the practice of  various spiritual disciplines. 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuing knowledge and understanding of God’s  Word. 
  • Model for the congregation what it means to help people find, follow, and be like  Jesus. 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professional development through reading books  and articles, attending workshops, conferences, and conventions, and listening to  podcasts. 
  • Maintain proper priorities at home with his wife and children. 

Position Needs:  

These are specific needs we see for this particular season of ministry that Journey is in.  Able to raise up, train, and lead ministry team leaders. Motivate, support,  encourage, and empower them to do ministry.  

  • Cast vision and help rebuild our small group program.  
  • Alongside of Elders, help discern the next position hire(s), what our needs are, and  find the best hires for these positions.  
  • A good communicator who is able to preach Biblical and relevant sermons to the  congregation.  
  • Someone who is personable, and a people person that will be involved in our  community.  

Preferred Requirements:  

Not having these does not disqualify one from being hired, but those having these qualities  will be given preference.  

  • Primary gifts in leadership, leadership development, pastoral ministry and  preaching.  
  • 10 years of ministry experience.  
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a Christian college associated with the  Independent Christian Church.  
  • Experience in leading or serving in a multi-staff environment.  
  • Experience in leading teams and developing leaders.  
  • Demonstration of the ability to cast organizational vision, and helping  organizations develop and execute a strategy that leads to sustained growth both  numerically, and in spiritual depth. 

Physical Address:
Journey Christian Church
1110 E. 7th St. Wayne, NE 68787

Justin Raulston


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