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Lead Pastor

Downey First Christian Church (DFCC) is seeking a committed Christian leader to serve in the role of Lead Pastor.  This individual will guide the ministry staff to lead and grow a congregation that currently averages 194 in English language worship and 71 in Spanish language worship in 2018 (these attendance numbers includes all age groups that meet for Sunday worship services on our campus).



Located in a southeast suburb of Los Angeles, Downey First Christian Church (DFCC) was founded in 1869 when people were streaming into the virtually unpopulated valley between the San Gabriel River and the Rio Hondo River.  With foundations that began with the rapidly growing settlement of the west coast, DFCC has embraced dynamic change through the building of a major city and multiple community transformations.  Loving God is the foundation of the Christian faith and we pursue Him through worship, biblical teaching, fellowship, and prayer.  Our church is not a building or a place; it is a diverse group of people pursuing God together, and in the process, practicing the love of Christ by living in authentic community.  We also believe that every member is called to serve, to make a difference in the lives of others.


The Lead Pastor is expected to direct the church in accomplishing its mission. Downey First Christian Church is committed to transforming ourselves, homes, community and the world by pursuing God, building community and unleashing compassion.

DFCC is a Restoration Movement church, and as such, the Lead Pastor is expected to uphold Our Position and embrace Our Strategy.


Our Position (principles of the Restoration Movement)

  1. A Christian church: Our message is that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  We require no other creed. He alone is Savior.
  2. A church of Christ: The church belongs to Him.  We have no authority to change the teachings, rewrite the rules, alter membership requirements, or usurp His place.  The church is not a democracy.
  3. A church seeking unity:Members of this church seek to be one in Christ with all others He calls His own.
  4. A church seeking to restore: As much as possible, we imitate the New Testament precedents.  This is why our baptism is by immersion, our Communion is every Lord’s Day, our leaders are called elders, our preaching is about Christ, and our prayers are in Christ’s name.  Even our church name is rooted in the earliest days, when disciples were called Christians and their congregations were often addressed as “churches of Christ.”
  5. An apostolic church:The church, Ephesians 2:20 states, is “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”  Whatever we know about Christ and the church we learned from Jesus’ closets companions; the apostles.
  6. A thinking church:In the same Ephesian letter, Paul prays that God will give a “Spirit of wisdom and revelation.  So then you may know him better…” Christian faith demands the best our minds can give, so we are a studying church, seeking to apply biblical truth intelligently.
  7. A feeling church: Ours is not a dryly intellectual approach to God.  We rejoice, praise, pray and love.  We serve from the heart.  We are unashamed of the gospel and not embarrassed to let our excitement be seen.
  8. A sharing church:We share our faith and love with as many as we can reach.  We know that everything we have belongs to God and that our possessions are to be used for His purposes.
  9. A free church:We have no bishops or superintendents or national headquarters to determine local church policies.  We elect our own leaders, call and support our own ministers, and decide where our mission money will go.  We are not isolationists; our congregations freely associate with one another to accomplish tasks too big for one church alone.
  10. A growing church:We want to grow, because we are under Christ’s commission to disciple the world.  We haven’t completed the task yet, so Christian churches and churches of Christ are renewing our commitment to go unto the ends of the earth, preaching and baptizing and teaching, until the whole world knows the one Lord of all.


Our Strategy (how we intentionally accomplish ministry at DFCC):

  • Pursue God: through Sunday Morning worship experiences.
  • Build Community:through small group, Bible study and Sunday school participation.
  • Unleash Compassion:through local and global opportunities to serve others.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Preach most Sunday mornings, being the main voice to proclaim the gospel message and challenge the congregation with a vision to more fully accomplish our mission.
  • Provide Biblical teaching in other congregational settings as appropriate.
  • Lead and guide the church staff to maximize the effectiveness of each staff member.
  • Partner with staff, elders, and ministry team leaders to wisely use the resources of the congregation and generate new resources to maximize the effectiveness of the church.
  • Oversees ministries so that the church cares for the needs of each part of the body.


Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies or Theology with a minimum of 7 years of pastoral experience or a Master’s degree with 5 years minimum of pastoral experience.
  • Experience leading (or assisting to lead) a growing church in an urban setting.
  • Ability to build staff, elders, and other church leaders into an effective team.
  • Ability to articulate vision and strategy for the church in a compelling way.
  • Ability to recruit, equip, and sustain others in the vital ministries of the church.
  • Ability to connect well to people across the congregation and from our community.
  • Ability to communicate with the entire congregation in both English & Spanish is desired.


Personal Characteristics:

  • Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and the success of the gospel.
  • Committed to the authority of God, as revealed in the Bible.
  • Mature Believer who meets the qualifications of an Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9)
  • Models Christ-like commitment and Christian living.
  • Actively growing spiritually and professionally.

Physical Address:
Downey First Christian Church
10909 New St. Downey Ca. 90241

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