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Middle and High School Youth Postition

GCC is seeking to fill a full-time position primarily in areas of Middle and High School youth (and their families).  We are in a rural setting in southeast Kansas in a small town, but there is nothing small about what God is doing among us here.  We are praying to the Lord of the Harvest that He raise up the right person/people for this work! 
GCC averages about 135 on a Sunday morning, about 30 High School students on Sunday nights, and about 80-90 kids 8th grade and younger on Wednesday nights, running two vans and a bus to neighboring towns to pick up kids.  Many of these children and teens do not have families who attend church, but we have been building relationships toward parents and family members for several years.  
Other parts of the position description are largely dependent on the applicant’s giftedness and desire to serve.  Staff members here (one full-time preaching, one part-time children’s minister, and one part-time student minister) can wear many hats, helping each other in a team-like atmosphere.  Applicants must be willing to work with lots of volunteers, delegating and equipping within a caring relationship.  
If you have any questions, please call me at 620-778-4053.  
We would like to fill this position no later than July of 2018
Jim Frech
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