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Ministry Intern

Our church revitalization is looking for a student intern or someone with ministry experience and/or education that is ready to administrate and participate in our growing children’s ministry. An added responsibility might be to meet with our small group of teens weekly for Bible Study.

In lieu of wages to begin with, we have a very nice 3 bedroom parsonage available, so housing (and likely utilities) would be free. An additional monthly stipend is a definite possibility, and the assumption is that our new associate would be able to find alternative employment in the Topeka area.

Office hours would not be required, as long as weekly ministry responsibilities are being fulfilled. We calculate that both preparation and involvement on a weekly basis with children and youth would total around 8 hours, including church services.

We’d love to have a married couple join us, but a single person with appropriate experience and good references would also be excellent. A student seeking a ministry internship as part of their education would also qualify.

SCC is a growing congregation, moving from a weekly attendance of 30 in March of 2019 to 100 a year later.  We are currently non-denominational, and the new pastor has a long Assembly of God background, with education at both A/G and Southern Baptist schools. We have one morning service on Sundays, and the youth have typically met on Sunday evenings. We definitely encourage you to reach out so we can answer questions and cover other details like our core beliefs, the curriculum we use, and what expectations would be regarding teaching practices.  We realize that you may be an excellent fit for this position, but you don’t need housing, so give us a call anyway and we’ll see what the Lord has in mind.

Physical Address:
Seaman Community Church
2036 NW Taylor,
Topeka, KS

Blaine Moore


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