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Missio Dei Project Intern

The Missio Dei Project is a 9-12 month church-based internship for twenty-somethings that will equip you for effective leadership wherever Christ calls you—whether that’s church ministry or the marketplace. As an MDP Intern you are an employed First Free Church Staff Member involved in approximately 20 hours/week of intensive training, discipleship, and ministry leadership with First Free Church.  Facets of the MDP Internship Include

LEADERSHIP COHORT:  Train and develop alongside others through our multi-faceted framework for growth in “seasonal” 3-month sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer). The context is innovative and the content is rich. Here, your head and heart are challenged as you set yourself to task following a comprehensive syllabus involving five various avenues of development: leadership workshops, reading, assignments, discipleship, and retreats & conferences (6-8 hrs/wk on average).

MINISTRY PRACTICUM:  The place where your head and heart lead to your hands – where theory meets reality.  This is the training ground upon which you apply all that you learn in real-time. Your ministry practicum is two-fold.

  • Church Ministry:  12-14 hrs/wk is dedicated to learning from and serving under one of seven different seasoned ministry leaders within their ministry department. Ministry pairings and durations are determined by interest-level and availability of each.  For that period (3-months minimum), you serve directly under that Ministry Leader who has a vested interest in your spiritual growth. With this customized approach to learning, during the span of a one-year internship, an individual could feasibly serve in as many as four different ministries (for 3-months each) or as few as one (for 1-year). Example ministry areas include:  worship, adults, high school, middle school, children, local or global outreach, and administration.
  • Marketplace Ministry:  Beyond your 20 hr/wk commitment to church and leadership training, you are expected to launch into the marketplace community of Lincoln with a new paradigm of “Christian ministry” in mind. Adopting either a part-time job or school as a ministry at an additional 20 hrs/wk, you will develop and execute a vision and strategy to most effectively participate in God’s purposes for that context.

MENTORSHIP:  As an intern, you receive dedicated mentorship from three different angles:  a Spiritual Mentor (Your Discipleship Cell Leader), a Academic Mentor (your MDP Facilitator), and a Ministry Mentor (your ministry Practicum Leader). Together, these individuals come alongside you throughout your internship to further catalyze your growth experience.

COMPENSATION:  Considered part-time staff, you receive an hourly wage for the duration of your internship contracts (9 or 12 months). Additionally, all program curriculum and costs associated with conferences/retreats are covered for the duration of your contract (an added value of approx $500/quarter).


Daniel Kerr

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