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Full Time Job Description

Position Purpose: To provide spiritual leadership for First Church of God’s worship
ministries through the gift of music, to share the Word of God and the Good News
of Jesus Christ with the congregation and community, through prayer, the use of
song/music, multimedia, visual and non-visual performance; to help the
congregation and community understand and experience the love of Christ, and
develop a strong foundation of faith in Him.
A. Staff Relationships
1. Keep regular office hours — with flexibility.
2. Attend all staff meetings. Be prepared to report on the current worship
ministry activities.
3. Attend Church Board of Trustees Meetings when requested, as a
nonvoting participant. Attend all Church Council Meetings.
4. Be accountable directly to the Senior Pastor and the Board of Trustees.
5. Cooperate fully, and work in harmony, with the entire staff for the good
of the church.
B. General Pastoral Responsibilities
1. Organization
a. Set up a balanced program of multi-generational worship ministry
within the church.
b. Guide in developing policies and procedures for an effective music
and worship ministry.
c. Serve as a resource person to provide the inspiration for effective
music and worship.
2. Administration
a. Carry out the policies of the Church Council and Senior Pastor in
relation to worship ministry.
b. Give guidance, direction, and training to all involved in music and
worship ministry.
c. Coordinate the use of our facilities for music and worship ministry
with the Senior Pastor and Church Council.

3. Assistance
a. Hospital calling and shut-in; share with staff pastors in ministering to
the sick as scheduled by the Senior Pastor and have documentation
for the Board of Trustees.
b. Sacraments; assist in serving the Lord’s Supper, when served.
c. Counseling; offer counsel when called upon, in coordination with the
Senior Pastor.
d. Calling on prospects; share with the staff pastors in calling on new
e. Share in RCCA Chapel services as requested. Facilitate and coordinate
in unity other musical programs with RCCA.

C. Worship Responsibilities
1. Leadership in the music program at the First Church of God.
2. Assist the Senior Pastor in the preparation of the weekly worship
3. To select congregational songs and lead the singing in cooperation with
the Senior Pastor, being especially sensitive to the sermon and the
season themes.
4. To plan for Christmas and Easter musicals each year, as well as special
programs throughout each year.
5. To help facilitate worship through the coordinating of worship teams,
soloists, instrumentalist, choir, scripture readers, and drama in worship
6. To provide for the training and scheduling of sound technicians.
7. To use a blended worship format for general service planning. The
emphasis being placed on balance between contemporary and
traditional styles weekly.
8. To direct the hand-bell ministry of the church.
9. Produce CDs of weekly sermon for congregational members.
D. Weekly Responsibilities
1. Attend weekly staff meetings.
2. Conduct weekly choir rehearsals.
3. Lead worship team rehearsals on a weekly basis.
4. Supervise the tuning of church instruments (piano, etc.) and the watchful
care of such equipment.

5. Organize and maintain a library of church music.
6. Care of choir robes and decisions of dress of various groups of the church
with approval through the Church Council.
7. Screen and schedule artist/groups when requested, with the approval of
Senior Pastor and Church Council.
8. Lead and assist all age group ministries in worship discipleship.
9. See that adequate accompanists are secured for worship and special
10. Participate in the design and execution of weekly orders of worship
which may include media and technical elements of all worship
experiences; as well as other social media outlets
11. Facilitate lighting, sound and presentation software and be able to assist
and train others with these production components when needed.
12. Coordinate sound/lights for all church weddings, and all other church
13. In charge of sanctuary decoration emphasizing Christmas, Easter and
other special programs and events.
E. Qualifications
1. A committed Christian living in accordance with the Word of God.
2. Agree with the doctrine and teaching of the First Church of God
Morehead, Kentucky and abide by the by-laws of our church.
3. Ability to be flexible and teachable.
4. Ability to communicate with all groups in the scope of this ministry.
5. Willing to be a servant.

Resumes can either be mailed to:
Pastor Jeremy W Halstead
576 Sunset Dr
Morehead, Kentucky 40351

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Physical Address:
First Church of God
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