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Preaching Minister

Open Position: Loveland Christian Church 

Minister / Pastor June 21, 2020 

Loveland Christian Church, Loveland,Ohio is currently searching for a full time Minister / Pastor at our Loveland, Ohio campus. 

In an effort to secure resumes that are in line with our eldership, staff, and church direction, we have listed the following qualities, beliefs, and gifts that we believe are necessary for the candidate to possess.

  1. We desire a minister / pastor that will adhere to Biblically sound doctrine and preach the gospel message on a regular basis which includes baptism for the remission of sins as described in Scripture.
  2.  Candidate must be supportive of the mission of LCC, which is: “We exist to win, build and send disciples of Jesus Christ”.
  3. Candidate must be gifted as an evangelist and teacher, capable of equipping and building up our church body and is willing to shepherd and serve the entire congregation ( refer to Ephesians chapter 4 ).
  4. Candidate must be capable of producing and presenting sermons 70-80% of the Sundays to the congregation in a given year. He should also work willingly with our associate to insure that teaching fits into the overall mission, values, and direction of LCC. Remainder of Sundays to be filled by or covered by other like gifted men within our congregation when necessary.
  5. Candidate must have positive and verifiable past teaching / preaching experience.
  6. Candidate must be willing to work within a team leadership model that is not from the traditional senior minister role. Candidate must be a team player able to communicate well with elders, staff members, and other ministry leaders.
  7. Candidate must be willing to conduct hospital and in-home visits as well as officiating at weddings and funerals and be willing to involve and equip others to share in the hospital and in-home visits.
  8. Candidate should not be a recluse, but outgoing, and willing to interact with all age groups within the church body. Not arrogant, but having a servant’s heart. Not needing to work from a pedestal but be loving and genuine with a humble heart.
  9. Candidate must be capable of utilizing current technology as part of their preaching / teaching. This list is not all inclusive, but gives the candidate an idea of our Church, our direction, our biblical stance, and our desire to serve and worship a loving God. 

We have been praying for you……We acknowledge that God has already chosen the candidate to fill our minister / pastor position. If God is leading you in our direction, please reach out to us at:

May God continue to bless you, 

The Eldership of Loveland Christian Church http://https//

Physical Address:
Loveland Christian Church
12070 Lebanon Road
Loveland, OH  45140

Darren Myers


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