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Protégé Residency Program

A one year residency program for young adults 21-28.  The focus of this experience is Christian formation and leadership development.

Protégé aims to raise up a new generation of Christian leaders through on-the-job ministry training, intentional community living, and in-depth discipleship. This experience is made up of 3 core elements:

  • Meaningful Ministry
  • Intentional Community
  • Intensive Discipleship

Meaningful Ministry

At the start of the program, we will work with you to discern which ministry is the
best fit for you, and pair you with a MPC pastor or ministry director working in that ministry. This pastor/director will partner with you as a mentor for the rest of the program. By working with a seasoned pastor/director, you will gain practical experience that will empower you to excel in leadership positions long after you’ve finished the program.

Protégés will work in one of the following ministries:
• Worship   • Student Ministry   • Children’s Ministry   • College Ministry   • Missions
• Production   • Pastoral Care & Visitation   • Creative Arts   • Media & Communications
• Event Management    • Compassion & Justice

Intensive Discipleship

In addition to working with a guiding pastor, you will gather regularly with other Protégés for training from the MPC staff, focusing on spiritual formation, character development, and missional leadership. With the help of the church staff and the protégé community, you will be encouraged to discover and develop your areas of giftedness, and discern God’s calling for your life.

Intentional Community

Life-change happens within the context of intentionally loving relationships, and this as an essential part of your Protégé experience. Through Protégé retreats, “family meals”, and gatherings for worship, prayer, and Bible study, your faith will be brought alive in community. You will also be provided with free housing for the year.

Protégé information video:

We are currently accepting applications for 2021/2022! We would love to tell you more about the program and help you decide if it’s right for you! For an application and more information, email Pastor Jenn Arnold.

Physical Address:
Mandarin Presbyterian Church
11844 Mandarin Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32223

Jenn Arnold


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