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Residential Camp Internship

Camp CUMCITO is located near Warsaw, MO. CUMCITO serves children ages 4 to 16 years
old, giving them a chance to worship God in a loving and safe place. Here, they experience
unique opportunities which may include but are not limited to: tent-camping, fishing, swimming,
and archery. It takes significant teamwork to make these 7 weeks of Camp work! Perseverance,
leadership, and mental strength are characteristics that are commonly found and built at
CUMCITO, reminding you that you are working towards a goal bigger than yourselves —
sharing the gospel with kids. Camp CUMCITO interns serve 7 weeks at our residential camp and
4 weeks in Kansas City at City Union Mission. In the city, team meetings, classes, field trips, and
preparation are required in addition to work assignments. This is truly an intense, challenging,
and rewarding experience!

How to apply: go to to complete an application. If you have any questions,
please contact Saundra.


Saundra Weigel-Blount

Physical Address:

City Union Mission
1100 E. 11th st.

Kansas City, Mo 64106

Organization Website: