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Senior Minister

Church Vision:  To be a church of the Restoration Movement established to take the saving knowledge of Christ to the world based on Acts 1:8 ff.  A loving congregation that strives to meet the needs of our community through God’s resources.

Accountability To:  Body of Elders

Description:  The Senior Minister has primary responsibility for preaching and teaching the Word of God and to provide leadership, shepherding and vision to the Body in partnership with the Elders, Staff, Ministry Teams and Congregation.


  1. Lives out God’s word and the gospel to his daily life.
  2. Shows a deep commitment to Christ and has His heart for all people.
  3. A baptized (immersed) believer, that fully understands and supports the scripture-based doctrine of the Restoration Movement.
  4. Consistent spiritual moral character and lifestyle.
  5. Competent in organization, administration and interpersonal relationships.
  6. Potential and desire to remain in long-term ministry at First Christian Church.
  7. Strong biblical and expository preaching.
  8. Along with baptized members of his immediate family will place his membership with First Christian Church of Havre de Grace.
  9. History of faithful ministry experience and proven leadership in an outreach minded church.
  10. Computer proficient, able to relate to and participate in social media in a manner that promotes, engages, and encourages the Congregation and others receiving the message.
  11. Ordained or eligible to be ordained in the Christian Church.  Bachelor’s degree in relevant field of ministry (M Div. preferred).



  1. Consistently delivers easily understood, Bible-based sermons that are engaging, relevant and challenges those who hear to seek or deepen their relationship with Jesu
  1. Provides a focus on spiritual growth, discipleship, and Christian community.


  1. Has well-developed communication, including strong listening skills and can clearly articulate the vision, mission, and strategies that will spiritually grow the church.
  2. Prepares preaching/worship schedules in advance, coordinates and plans with worship leader and worship ministry team to ensure that worship services are effective regarding content, style, structure and design

Leadership/Leadership Development and Discipleship

  1. Leads the Congregation by example and by teaching.
  2. In partnership with the Elders, Deacons, Staff, and Ministry Teams is able to implement the vision and mission of the church.
  1. Provides oversight to staff members that allow them flexibility to accomplish their responsibilities, focusing on  our overall goals.
  1. In partnership with the Elders, adjusts to societal changes without compromising the Christian doctrine

Outreach/Community Engagement

  1. Champions evangelism by inspiring, equipping, and motivating the congregation to share the gospel with all in our community and others within our reach.
  2. Through outreach and ministry activities seeks to reach the unchurched in the community using innovative methods.
  3. Participates in local community organizations, i.e. Chamber of Commerce local ministerium and others as needed.

Congregation Relations/Pastoral Care

  1. Has a relational connection to the congregation, and provides ongoing pastoral support and care of the congregation In partnership with the Elders.
  1. Prays for, serves, and provides spiritual leadership for the congregation, staff and community.


  1. Cares for the spiritual and physical life of the congregation through supportive listening, conflict management,referral to other professionals.
  1. Carries out hospital visitation and ministry to shut-ins in partnership with the Elders.
  2. Conducts baptisms, premarital counseling, weddings, and funerals.

 Professional Development/Personal Growth

  1. Continues to grow spiritually and is a lifelong learner.
  2. In a desire to grow, actively seeks honest feedback and constructive criticism on a regular basis from the Elders, congregation and others.


  1. Develops an annual plan in cooperation with Elders.
  2. Works within the administrative budget and maintains fiscal responsibilities with the church resources.

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