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Senior Pastor

This church serves the community of Erie Kansas, Neosho County. Erie is the county seat, and consists of around 1100 people. Neosho County has a population of 15,000. The church began at almost the same time as the town in 1869, and recently celebrated its’ 150th anniversary. First Christian Church provides a warm, welcoming environment to members and guests. There are no major internal conflicts, and we are financially stable. We are transitioning from an older congregation, to one that contains numerous young families and children. We place a high degree of importance on disciple making. We are spiritually shepherded by a group of elected elders (both men and women), who have been particularly active during the Coronavirus outbreak, and the tragic loss of our pastor thru death. We have enjoyed the assistance of Dr. Gary Zustiak and Alex Follett, both of Ozark Christian College The business affairs of the church are handled by an elected church board and diaconate.. The church maintains an active support of many community activities. We are committed to the spiritual growth of our members and the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our community and world. Please note that our website is currently out of date. Please contact : Dr. Gary Zustiak –(417) 529-9401, email: or Alex Follett- (317) 503-4614, email for information about our church.

Application RequirementsWe are open to all applicants, regardless of age, sex, or marital status, who possess (or will by Jan 1, 2021) a degree with an emphasis on the preaching ministry. They should be well versed in God’s Word- how it is one story culminating in His Son Jesus, bringing grace and salvation to His creation. A disciple making focus is a must. This is a loving, supporting congregation, and we pray for a minister who feels likewise. Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to Steve Smith at the email address, or the mailing address provided. Your application will be shared with the entire search committee, and we will provide an email acknowledgement upon receipt of your application. We will be in communication with you, and further information such as letters from your references may be required. Of course, you will need to consent to a routine background check.

Job Description The applicant is expected to bring an understandable, Bible based message on Sunday mornings. Although Covid-19 has radically altered our activities, we DO currently conduct a Men’s Bible Study twice a month, and an adult Sunday school class each week by a combination of in-person / Zoom. The elders, who once met one Sunday morning before church, and one Friday night for dinner, are now doing a combination in-person / Zoom one Friday night per month. We have two care facilities (currently on lockdown) that we previously called in person (1 elder included) weekly. Prior to lockdown two of the elders were doing Zoom meetings weekly with the homes. The applicant is expected to attend and report in the monthly board meetings. Of course, traditional pastoral duties such as counseling, weddings, and funerals are part of the duties. Lest one get the impression that the pastor is expected to “be all-do all” to everyone and everything, that is far from the truth. This congregation is used to being involved with the pastor in many areas. Our previous minister encouraged this and we have had to do many things out of necessity since his illness and passing. Please check out our attachment below.

Church Ad – Have you ever seen the show “The Dating Game”? Just the fact that we are referencing an old game show tells you a little about the age of some of our congregation.  It was a show where a host would ask a series of questions in an attempt to match the right contestant with the eligible singles, all within a thirty minute time frame.

Well, fortunately we have more than thirty minutes, but we are still praying that our spiritually focused church can find a match to fill our full-time minister position.

Our ideal candidate would be a person of deep scripturally based faith to lead the First Christian Church of Erie Kansas. 

Our match will not only have the ability to deliver a spirit-lead sermon on Sunday but be able to take the church outside the building on Monday and into our homes and throughout our community.  Erie, Ks

We are blessed to be financially stable with a modern, up-to-date church facility that can accommodate future growth.  Check out our facebook page for photos of our church and activities. 

We offer a well-appointed three-bedroom, two bath, parsonage which we will provide photos of as needed.

We recently added a state-of-the-art multimedia system that live streams our services (which we post on YouTube) in a professional format reaching well beyond our usual 40 to 50 Sunday morning attendees.

If you are looking for a church family that is less interested in your age, marital status, or gender than your heart and your passion for spreading the love of Jesus then we should definitely set a date to explore if you could be our match.

Send resume to …

Steve Smith at

Physical Address:
First Christian Church
703 W State St Erie, KS 66733

Steve Smith

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