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Senior Pastor

Denomination: Christian Church
Category: Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor
Time Type: Full Time

Western Hills Christian Church, a multi-generational church of believers with approximately 250 members, is seeking a new senior pastor to step into the position being vacated by the retirement of our current pastor after 17 years of faithful service. WHCC is prayerfully seeking a senior pastor called by God to lead our congregation into a new season of growth and effective ministry.



The senior minister must be a godly man who knows the word of God and lives by it. The senior minister will be a doctrinally sound leader, who listens to and works well with people. He should have a vision for the church and the ability to articulate it clearly and effectively. He will work in unison with the elders, shepherding, preaching, and teaching the Bible and leading the congregation in the worship and will of God. In addition, the senior minister will serve as supervisor for all staff members and lead in the day-to-day functioning of WHCC. The senior minister is accountable to the elders.



Shepherding. The Senior Pastor must be available and accessible to every member of the congregation. Must demonstrate personal integrity, accountability, and trustworthiness to all. Counsel, instruct and biblically guide all individuals who seek his help and assist to resolve conflicts or confrontations with biblical and prayerful methods. He will seek the council of Elders in situations that may require such actions, and honor confidential information, which does not directly jeopardize soul, health, or ministry. He will practice a daily scripture reading and prayer time and encourage church members in the spiritual disciplines. Assist ministry teams when requested or needed in effectively fulfilling their goals. Work with the elders and will provide visionary challenges and attainable goals for the future of the church.  He will visit church members as needed.

Preaching and Teaching. The Senior Pastor is required to teach and preach faithfully the word of God without bias or partiality toward anyone. Pursue the salvation of the lost through the convicting power of the gospel of Christ. Teach, edify, train and nurture the congregation toward spiritual maturity. Work with the elders to maintain doctrinal accuracy of all education, instruction, worship and evangelism efforts. He will be a man of substance prepared to apply Scripture to situations the congregation faces daily and their stewardship responsibilities to God. He will strive to improve himself in the skills of preaching, teaching, counseling, and management of the congregation through seminars, conventions, classes, and personal study.

Administration. Oversee regular worship services and ensure they are conducted decently and orderly. Observe regular office hours on a daily basis within guidelines agreed to by the elders. Oversee the staff personnel as directed by the elders. Helps to ensure adequate staffing, training, and resources for the educational programs. Keep the leadership informed of all plans and activities pertaining to the church calendar. Communicate with the congregation through regular newsletter articles, announcements, mailings, phone calls and other methods as deemed appropriate. Perform other duties as assigned.


Please submit a letter of interest, resume, including experience appropriate to the position, and a vlog/short video introducing yourself and sharing your testimony.

Please send completed application packet to:

Search Committee
Western Hills Christian Church

Organization Website:


About Western Hills Christian Church:

Western Hills Christian Church is a Non-Denominational Christian Church with a membership of approximately 250.  Our worship style is traditional, with a mixture of worship music to reach our multigenerational population.   We serve Lawton/Ft Sill and surrounding areas.   We currently have a staff consisting of Senior Pastor, Youth/Associate Pastor, Children’s Director and are currently searching for a Worship Leader/Media Director.  More detailed demographic information available upon request.


About Lawton/Fort Sill, OK:

Lawton is a growing medium-sized city located in the state of Oklahoma. With a population of 93,000 people, Lawton is the fifth largest community in Oklahoma. 15% of the workforce in Lawton is employed in the armed forces. Supporting the military is a huge focus of life in Lawton. Lawton is very supportive of the neighboring Fort Sill.

Even though Lawton is a military town, the civilian sector still plays an important role in the local economy. The Healthcare and Retail industries respectively employ 14% and 15% of the civilian workforce. There is a good-sized population of people who are young, single, educated, and upwardly mobile career starters. Many residents consider Lawton a good place to live and raise a family without being in a big city. The Good Year Plant located in Lawton is considered to be a flag-ship plant for the company. The education level of Lawton citizens is a little higher than the average for US cities and towns: 21% of adults in Lawton have at least a bachelor’s degree. Lawton is home to Cameron University and the Great Plains Technology Center.

Lawton is near the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and several areas lakes. There are opportunities for camping, water activities, fishing, and hunting. Lawton boasts several museums, including the Museum of the Great Plains and Comanche National Museum, as well as others located on Fort Sill. Lawton has several areas festivals that are very popular, including Arts for All, the International Festival, and July 4th Community Celebration. Lawton has a very active arts, community including its own philharmonic orchestra and the Lawton Community Theater. Lawton has a very active Chamber of Commerce that encourages volunteer opportunities in the community. The Chamber is also active in bringing in new industries.






Physical Address:
Western Hills Christian Church
1401 NW 82nd St
Lawton, OK 73505

Greta Worthington


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