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Senior Pastor

FBC of El Dorado is looking to fill the position of Senior Pastor.  We are a Baptist church located just 30 miles east of Wichita, KS.  Our church has a long history of serving our community and others around the world for over 140 years.  The right candidate will be a Godly man with a love for Jesus that is evident to others.  Must possess personal characteristics listed in I Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.  Must be able to lead a multi-pastoral staff, preach and teach effectively, work well with people of all ages, and shepherd the church with love and care.  Average weekly attendance is 280 people and we currently have 2 Associate Pastors on staff.  

Personal Qualifications

1. Possesses essential personal characteristics including integrity, maturity, dependability, cooperativeness, tact, and enthusiasm and leadership ability.

     A. Is a dedicated Christian, having sensed a special leading of the Holy Spirit to give leadership in ministry.

     B. Sets a Christian example in personal life and participation in the life of the church.

2. Relates well to persons of all ages, having a genuine love for people.

3. Understands the need to respect the confidential nature of certain church staff-church member relationships. 

4. Develops personal goals. Pursues a program of personal and formal continuing education for maximum effectiveness.

5. Is trained academically as a Pastor, with a minimum of a B.A. and an M Div. Degree preferred. Professionally trained to bring a Pastoral-theological perspective to this position.

6. Possesses a personal desire and growing understanding of how to accomplish goals and work through others. 

7. Has a growing, thorough grasp of Biblical truth and the Christian life and how to relate it to others.  (1Timothy 3 and Titus1) 

As A Member of a Multiple Staff

1.  Cooperates with others on the church staff in a manner that recognizes the importance of team work in ministry. 

2. Helps to implement church policy.

3.  Understands the boundary of authority and does not extend beyond the biblical parameters, or ministry of the Church.

4.  Earns the confidence and respect of colleagues; extending when necessary, beyond the immediate demands of the assignment and accepting new responsibilities to insure thoroughness and effectiveness. 

5. Plans, organizes, delegates and oversees work so program assignments are completed in a reasonable time and in a suitable form.

6.  Demonstrates genuine interest in providing quality ministry.  Earns the respect of the membership and various church boards and committees.

7.  Attends regular staff meetings and board and committee meetings related to this position

8.  Schedules regular church office hours. 

9. Uses unique gifts, talents, special interests and visioning to enrich our ministry. 

10. Seeks to be in harmony with the overall policies, plans and programs of our Church. Cooperates with the staff of Day Care in the use of facilities and equipment. 

11.  Is willing to cooperate in an annual review and evaluation of his work.

Specific Duties

1. Become familiar with the total ministry program of First Baptist Church.

2. Plans in cooperation with other staff and lay leaders, a long-range program of ministry based on the Church’s needs.

3. Develops objectives for the various phases of church family life including special interest groups, as needed.

4. Interprets the objectives of spiritual life and ministry to the congregation, helping them to understand the opportunities and responsibilities available to them.

5. Assists boards and committees in the recruiting of lay leaders.

6. Serve as a Pastor-resource person to lay leaders in the various phases of ministry, using individual conferences, telephone consultations, meetings or printed material, etc.; teaching, equipping, enabling workers in their tasks. Challenge new persons to be in training and service.  Encourage current workers. 

7. Develop various types of discipleship groups to further the spiritual growth of the congregation.

8. Perform the general work of ministry; preaching, teaching, visitation, counseling, weddings, funerals, as reasonable scheduling of priorities will permit.  

Candidates can e-mail me their resume, statement of faith, and a link to sermons at

Caleb Grove

Physical Address:
First Baptist Church of El Dorado
315 W. Central,
El Dorado, KS 67042


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