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Student Minister

Contact Senior Minister Dusty Cookson

Please include

  1. Your resumé
  2. A statement, no longer than one page, of your philosophy of Student Ministry.

Position: Student Minister

Description: The Student Minister is a full time position whose responsibility is to biblically lead, oversee, and develop disciples within our Student Ministry (grades 6-12).


FCC DC – Student Minister Full Job Description


§ The Student Minister is a full-time position whose responsibility is to biblically lead, oversee,and develop disciples within our Student Ministry (grades 6-12).

§ The Student Minister will prayerfully develop, implement, and enhance a comprehensive approach to Student Ministry including:

o Discipling students into a personal relationship with God.
o Creating welcoming environments conducive to the spiritual growth and development of students.
o Develop, organize, lead and oversee a strong volunteer team.
o Implement sound Biblical teaching that connects with students.
o Support and assist parents/guardians in the process of discipling their children.
o Guide the Student Ministry in alignment with the FCC’s commitment to: Love God, Love Others, Serve the World.


§ Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a spiritually healthy and balanced Student Ministry.
§ Mentor and invest in students.
§ Participate in continuing education events and training opportunities when possible.
§ Recruit and train volunteers to serve in various aspects of student ministry and ensure adequate adult to student ratios (Midweek programming, Life Groups, trips, outings, and other gatherings).
§ Oversee and invest in “Ignite” (Student Worship Team)
§ Serve as a liaison between the church and other community organizations and people.
§ Serve the world in a way that honors God. Work alongside the Missions and Outreach Minister to plan outreach events/trips including age appropriate domestic and/or international mission trips.
§ Teach and/or coordinate an effective teaching schedule as well as select appropriate and effective Student Ministry Curriculum.
§ Be organized. Keep accurate records of student participation and effectively utilize/manage the student ministry budget.
§ Communicate effectively with students and families in a clear, timely and efficient manner using all available and appropriate resources (email, social media, app, website, newsletter, texting, phone call, in person meetings when necessary, etc.). This includes consistent distribution of important information.
§ Be available to encourage, challenge, and counsel students: lunch at school, attendance at extracurricular activities, hospital visits, and support during times of crisis, etc.
§ Team player. Maintain a strong teamwork mentality and professional working relationships with other pastoral/support staff.
§ Attend and participate in all weekly Staff Meetings as well as any other regular scheduled meetings.
§ Ensure that the Child Protection Policy is observed in all student ministry settings.


§ Demonstrate a clear, observable commitment to Jesus Christ.
§ Must model the love of Jesus through the way you live and love others. Relational/pastoralheart.
§ Must be: hungry, humble, and people smart.
§ Adhere to the theology and values of First Christian Church of Dodge City and the Restoration Movement.
§ Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a Student Ministry within the parameters of the mission, vision, and direction of
§ Must have good written and verbal communication skills as well as effective technological abilities.
§ Must have a proven ability to work effectively with students, parents, diverse individuals, and teams of volunteers in a way that promotes growth and honors God within the Student
§ Must possess necessary conflict resolution skills and a commitment to being solution oriented in a Biblical and God-honoring way.

§ Please send an email to the Senior Minister, Dusty Cookson with the subject line “Student Minister Application” with the following attachments:
1. Your resumé
2. A statement, no longer than one page, of your philosophy of Student Ministry

Physial Address:
First Christian Church of Dodge City
711 5th Ave
Dodge City, KS 67801

Dusty Cookson


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