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Student Minister

Job Description
Position Title:  Student Minister
Reports to:  Senior Minister & The FCC of DC Board of Elders
Job Summary
As a leadership position this ministry includes being an example in Christian character, participation in Life Groups, developing sustainable programs, and equipping volunteers for ministry related to students from sixth grade through twelfth grade graduation. This position requires excellent communication skills and fits the mold of an Ideal Team Player (hungry, humble, people smart).

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Recruit volunteers and deploy them for ministry responsibilities related to students from sixth grade through the twelfth grade. This includes Sunday School, Teen Worship, mid-week
programs, Life Groups, and other events like camps, trips, and CIY. Serve as the primary leader in being a teacher and being able to train teachers, mentors and youth sponsors.

2. Create an effective system for follow up on teenage students and their families for evangelism and discipleship. This includes maintaining an accurate mailing list and tracking
active participation of teenagers and volunteers. Make personal visits on teenagers and their families, both member and non-member.

3. Coordinate all teenage programs with regards to the use of the facilities, equipment, vehicles, and church resources through the church office.

4. Create opportunities for teenagers to experience and grow in the disciplines of prayer, fasting, leadership, Bible memorization, and the use of their gifts.

5. Serve and create avenues that communicate the activities, events, growth and needs of the student ministry. Work with the church staff in promotion and awareness through existing
publications, and continue to pursue additional ways to communicate effectively with both students, parents, church body and the community at large. This may include creating networks and associations with public advertising, current technology and businesses as well as new technology options.

6. Work with staff, elders, and volunteers to help them understand the needs and culture of teenagers in order to create a compelling vision and long range goals for this ministry. This
includes serving as an advocate for students as opportunities arise.

7. Be a flexible participant with the use of your gifts and skills as needs arise in the life of the whole church.

Dusty Cookson, Sr. Minister

Physical Address:
First Christian Church of Dodge City
711 5th Avenue
Dodge City, KS  67801