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Summer Camp Assistant

Central Iowa Bible Camp
Summer Camp Assistant
Job Description:
This position is for June and July. We still need to hire one male assistant for the summer. It is seven days a week, LOTS of hours each day. This camp position entails everything! Kitchen prep work for each meal, clean up for each meal, overseeing
volunteers in kitchen, running canteen, mowing, running the zipline, helping with horses, running the paintball course, helping with paperwork, moving, many other maintenance duties as well as fun activities, going on the wilderness camp trips, sometimes helping with worship or campfire music, sometimes teaching classes, sometimes being a dorm parent (these last few are only if we are short handed – not the primary duties). The pay is
$1,000 a month plus room/board/canteen. The good news is you never get to leave camp – so you can’t spend any of the money! 🙂 This is not a counselor position, it is a great behind the scenes ministry. The list above is not a compete list of things that you will be asked to do — but it gives you a good idea.
Here is a typical days schedule:
Be in the kitchen at 7:00
Breakfast 8:00
usually a short break at about 9:00
mornings are varied some times there are projects sometimes some free time
in the kitchen by 11:00
lunch at 12:00
horses and zipline and other activities take up most afternoons
in kitchen by 4:30
supper at 5:30
usually some free time after supper
help with evening activities
light campfire
and repeat.
It is fairly constant but there are breaks and time for the occasional nap.
For our wilderness weeks you will be more hands on with the campers. We sleep in tents and travel to various locations. We explore caves, canoe, hike , rock climb, rappel and all
kinds of outdoor events.

Drew Follmer

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Earlham, IA  50072

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