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Summer Camp Staff

“This summer we will be hiring 2-3 assistant cooks, a secretary, 2-3 grounds workers, a photographer/videographer, an activity coordinator, 2 Core counselors (in charge of, and leading students ages 13-18, in our teen leadership volunteer program), and 4-6 floating staff who facilitate activities and are well rounded enough to fill in for all the other staff as needed.  No matter your official position, on any given day, you could be working as kitchen staff, maintenance, grounds, activity facilitation, sound/video tech, or occasionally even as a counselor.  If you specialize in a particular area of service, we will look for ways to utilize it in this ministry.

Summer staff must have completed at least one year in college before being hired at EPCC.  Because of the impact that our staff’s personal lives can have on the campers, first and foremost we look for individuals who have a strong growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We then look for individuals who have a passion for sharing the love of Christ with young people.  Summer staff should be able to articulate their faith in words and live it out before the campers on a daily basis.

Because we are also a physically active camp, it’s important that you be able to handle the physical strains that go with working at a summer camp.  Most of our staff will be trained to facilitate our high and low ropes courses and will often be called upon to lead hikes and recreational activities.  Those in excellent physical fitness will have an advantage.

As leaders we are to be servants first. You may be asked to help in a wide range of areas throughout the summer; your willingness to joyfully serve wherever needed is expected.

Summer staff training begins on May 21st and the summer camp season ends on August 7th.  If you are interested in more information or in applying for this life-changing opportunity, see our employment page at where you can download an application.  Applications are due by March 30 and may be mailed or emailed to the camp along with 3 completed reference forms.”


Nate Stafford

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