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Summer Intern – Program Assistant/Aide

(1 male & 1 female)

Areas of Responsibility
 Cabin parent – The Program Assistant will live in one of the seven residential cabins and serve
as the primary cabin parent; agreeing to be in the cabin when the campers go to the cabin at the
end of each day and remaining in the cabin until the campers leave each morning.
 The Program Assistant/Aide will work APPROXIMATELY 6 hrs./day on average, but other
duties may be assigned – please be flexible (we at LCSC are a team).
 A Restoration Movement faith in Jesus Christ is required.
 This is the most flexible position available at LCSC.
 Be present, as the Program Assistant/Aide, as needed by the Dean and/or Managers of LCSC.
 This position will serve as faculty for each week of camp, as needed.
 A general knowledge and experience working with “special” needs, is desired.
 The ability to play guitar and lead worship is desired.
 The ability to lead a family group and/or do devotions is required.
 Must be willing to do whatever is asked with-regard- to programming and/or aiding in the
leadership of youth.
 The Program Assistant/Aide(s) reports directly to the Camp Manager, if available, then to the
Assistant Camp Manager, if available, and lastly, to the Office/Hospitality Manager. All three
managers have authority over all summer staff positions, within the above organizational
 Directly report any/all specific disciplinary issues and/or inappropriate behavior, in writing, to
the Dean AND the Camp Manager.
 Housing provided (in a summer residential cabin including a lock box for personal items).
 All meals will be provided (in session).
 A self-serve laundry room and staff lounge is available.
 Upon pre-approval (by the Camp Manager) and completion, LCSC will pay and/or reimburse
all expenses incurred for A.D.A. compliance training.
 This position pays $100.00/week (for 10-weeks) with a completion bonus (for those who work
the entire summer) in the amount of $500.00 (total summer cash compensation of *$1,500.00).
*The total compensation package is $3,503.07 when you add the value of housing for 10 weeks ($923.07) and the

value of meals for 10 weeks ($1,080.00) – approximately $9.73/hr.

 The Program Assistant/Aide reports to LCSC at 3 pm on May 27, 2018 and is employed until 5
pm on August 4, 2018. There are only a few days off throughout the summer, which are
subject to change; they are as follows: July 4 th – July 6 th , July 14 th , and July 27 th . To request application email

Gordon Blankenship, Camp Manager

Physical Address:
LaMoine Christian Service Camp
2760 E County Road 1600
Tennessee, IL 62374

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