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Summer Team Leader

AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate (2 positions available)

Want to make a positive difference while sharpening your skills? Do you like the idea of working with
youth and helping to make the world a better place? Have college debt or continued education you need
to pay for?
This full-time, 8-10- week AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate position may be the perfect solution for
you. Strong skills are needed, but experience isn’t required. Training and resources will be provided to
you. Excellent skill building, and work experience is guaranteed. Estimated start date is mid-May and no
later than July 7, 2018. Must be selected and approved at least three weeks before the start date.
Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) of Manhattan (hosted by the Flint Hills Volunteer Corps) is part of an
international network of programs that offer 11-18 year olds the opportunity to gain skills and improve
their world through volunteering. YVC mobilizes diverse groups of Youth Volunteers from across the
community into teams to complete meaningful service-learning projects that address a variety of
important needs.
Position Objective
The VISTA Summer Associate Team Leaders plan, recruit for, and supervise service-learning projects for
youth and represent the YVC program to schools, agencies and other YVC program partners. There are 2
positions available.

 Collaborate with fellow Team Leaders, youth, schools and agencies to plan service-learning
projects in accordance with YVC Program Standards.
 Recruit youth volunteers from a variety of sources to serve on those projects.
 Exhibit professionalism when working with youth, parents, agencies, fellow Team Leaders,
supervisors and all other YVC program constituents.
 Supervise YVC projects, working alongside youth volunteers, acting as liaison between agency
and youth and ensuring a safe, educational, fun and rewarding youth volunteer experience.
 Design and incorporate structured project activities, including icebreakers, team builders,
service-learning and reflection, that promote teamwork and social interaction while increasing
understanding and appreciation for the cause being served.
 Maintain regular communication with the youth, schools, and agencies in the YVC network to
advertise projects, plan new projects, and share program accomplishments.
 Complete and submit accurate documentation of project activities and youth volunteer
performance as required by your Program Director in a timely manner.
 Communicate questions, concerns and accomplishments with your Program Director.
 Help plan and implement new youth volunteer recognition methods.
 Create opportunities for youth volunteers to help plan projects, guide program management,
develop leadership and other life skills, and learn more about their community and the world.
 Act as a role model for youth volunteers.
 Be an advocate for youth and the service they are providing.

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 Attend all required YVC training and recognition events.
Minimum Qualifications
 Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED
 Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien
 Have experience volunteering and working with youth
 Be outgoing, friendly and able to multitask
 Communicate well with people from a variety of backgrounds, including at-risk youth
 Have a passion for helping youth succeed
 Have basic computer knowledge
 Own a reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license
 Be willing to get hands dirty
Preferred Qualifications
 Excellent communication skills including public speaking
 Experience working with 11-18- year-old youth
 Knowledge of service-learning
 Microsoft Office proficiency
 Strong personal ethic of service
 Familiarity with the nonprofit sector
 Gain experience working with and supervising youth, planning multi-dimensional service-
learning projects
 Gain experience working with a variety of local nonprofits, making contacts for future
 CPR/First Aid certification and other professional development options available
Time Commitment: 8-10 weeks at full-time capacity. 40 hours a week.
 AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates receive a living allowance of $472.22 bi-weekly in
addition to a cash stipend OR education award post-service.


Summer Benefit Amount
Summer Education Award $1,252.91


Stipend- 8 weeks 276.64
Stipend- 9 weeks 311.22
Stipend – 10 weeks $345.80

Application process/Contact:
Send a resume and cover letter to Lori Bishop at (Subject Line: YVC
Summer Associate). For questions, call 785-776- 7787.