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Worship Leader

Codell Community Church is a non-denominational community church located in Codell, Kansas, which is halfway between the communities of Plainville and Natoma. Codell Community Church has seen continued growth over the past 2 years.  This congregation averaged 30 in July of 2016 and averaged 75 in May of 2018.  We look forward to what God has in store for us as we help people far from God find life in Jesus!

We currently hold weekly contemporary worship services with a live band, but are in need of a lead vocalist that plays the guitar and/or keyboard (whichever you would prefer). The band already has a drummer and bass guitarist.  Other musicians would be welcomed as well!

The Worship Leader at Codell Community Church should demonstrate a healthy relationship with Christ by maintaining character traits that glorify God, while authentically loving and blessing others.  The Worship Leader must also demonstrate a maturity in the faith by leading the church in theologically sound worship and prayer throughout the service and by understanding the significance of leading God’s people in worship. The Worship Leader at Codell Community Church should also use good discernment in choosing the songs that the church will sing as a body of Believers.

Responsibilities include:

o   Support and strengthen the mission and vision of Codell Community Church

o   Be willing to work as a team with the Lead Pastor, Leadership Team, and other musicians

o   Lead the church in worshiping God through the music portion of the worship services

o   Help recruit potential participants in the worship ministry

o   Train worship team participants through regular practices in groups or as individuals

o   Be willing to design worship services with the pastor and volunteers

o   Coordinate aspects of the worship arts within worship services (i.e. video, ProPresenter, PowerPoint, audio, participants, etc…)

o   Be open to helping with special events and services

Compensation is currently $125 a week.  There is a possibility for this position to develop into a part-time Worship Pastor/Youth Pastor position and eventually become full-time in the future.

Pastor Thayne

Physical Address:
Codell Community Church
409 Codell Road
Codell, KS  67663


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