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Worship Pastor

Bethany Christian Church is a healthy and growing multi-site church, averaging more than 1,600 – in the SW Indiana cities of Washington & Vincennes (only 45 min from Evansville & Bloomington Indiana).  We are excited to launch a new location in Fall 2021.
Bethany is passionate about people, making a difference in our communities, & taking over the world for Jesus.

01. Summary of Position:
The purpose of the Worship Pastor at Bethany Christian Church is to lead others in worship, through song, scripture and other creative tools. This is done by: emphasizing the victory that we have in Jesus, giving people a place to use their gifts and talents in a God honoring form, forming a culture of worship, and raising/training others in the creative arts and leading worship.

02. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Pursuing excellence, culture champion, and leader
  • Plan and produce Sunday services with creative arts team.
  • Recruit, schedule, and administer serving teams at the campus o e.g., vocal teams, instrumental teams.
  • Regularly lead and oversee Sunday morning worship services
  • Regularly lead and schedule worship team practices.
  • Regularly pastor & minister to worship ministry team.
  • Arrange & produce music and vocal sheets for worship teams.
  • Manage & oversee all church owned instruments and equipment used at the campus
  • Teach & train musicians and vocals to be proficient with the skills and giftedness.
  • Recruit, schedule and administer serving teams for campus worship (tech teams).
  • Manage & oversee all church owned technologies/equipment used at campus.
  • Regularly pastor & minister to tech teams.
  • Teach & train tech ministry team members to be proficient in their areas of service.
    • e.g., Areas of service include but are not limited to audio, video, and lighting.
  • Create worship slides/media for congregational worship when directed
    • i.e., Fully developed media presentation to enhance each element of worship.
  • Collaborate with the Preaching Team & Central Team in the creation of sermon slide & video bumps.
  • Create digital announcement loops for church-wide communication when directed
  • Collaborate to enhance and refine live feed (Production Team)
  • Know the schedule of events for the facilities you oversee.
  • Ensure equipment, technologies, & instruments are secure and organized.
  • Keep the facility organized and in perfect working order.
  • Check the facilities equipment & room set up weekly for any issues that may hinder the worship experience and hurt a first impression.
  • All equipment and technologies associated with every worship venue should be checked weekly for functionality, and technologies and equipment installed with latest updates and software if the budget allows so that all venues may have the best possible worship experience and leave a great first impression.
  • Regularly, recruit, train, encourage, and equip ministry volunteers to help in the spiritual development of students. – i.e., all resources provided for ministry volunteers are expected to be handed out in a timely manner, and the Student Ministry Pastor is expected to have all preparations for ministry to be completed before a scheduled event so that volunteers will not be hindered as they help to minister to students.
  • Collaborate and work constructively with the Safety & Host Ministry Teams. – i.e., Establish check-in & check-out protocol, emergency response protocol, volunteer background checks, identification of volunteers serving, and other safety and security protocols that will enhance the students well-being and give the parents peace of mind.
  • Assist other ministry teams whenever necessary

    Perform other responsibilities as assigned by Direct Report. Bethany Christian Church reserves the right to change job duties at any time. This job description is not designed to cover every job requirement.

03. Requirements:

  • Fully committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • Champion of vision, values, and culture of Bethany Christian Church
  • Ability to work in harmony with other staff members
  • Exceptional model of personal integrity and confidentiality
  • Ability to convey a positive professional image
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills and strong interpersonal abilities
  • Commitment to learning and developing as a leader

04. Employment Understanding:

  • Agreement to abide by Bethany Christian Church Ministry Team Handbook, Core Values and Beliefs
  • Agreement to conduct self on and off the job in such a way that would honor Jesus Christ and would demonstrate spiritual leadership and being a positive representative of Bethany Christian Church
  • Attendance at Ministry Team meetings and department meetings is required
  • This person will write semi-annual 6×6 goals ministry goals & action plans, with oversight of Direct Report
  • During non-business hours he or she should be available for emergency work

For job description details:

Please submit a resume to


Physical Address:
Bethany Christian Church
Washington Campus
1139 S. State Rd. 57
Washington, IN 47501

Vincennes Campus
2011 Willow St.
Vincennes, IN 47591

Luke Bean


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