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Youth & Children’s Pastor

Our vision is to enlarge the Kingdom of God by striving to be a Christ, Family, & Community oriented Church. The YP works to provide a transformational environment that will disciple students (6th-12th Grade). You will oversee the current education models for youth and creatively introduce new ministry methods. The Youth Pastor’s supervisor is the Lead Pastor and indirectly to the Elders and Board. You must have a good working relationship with Staff, Elders and Ministry Teams. All programs, expenditure plans, and strategies will be shared with the Senior Pastor for counsel and to insure a consistency with the vision of the Church and calendar. The Pastor, in cooperation with the Elders, provide an annual evaluation of the YP’s performance.
Specific Requirements:
-Formal Education and 2 years ministry experience preferred.
-Primary job is to recruit, equip and train lay leaders in the area of Youth.
-Provide environments that produce spiritual transformation in the lives of the students and leaders.
-Plan, delegate and provide oversight for Youth Groups, Sunday School, Church Camp, Bible Colleges, etc.
-Organize CIY, Local Mission & Foreign Mission Trip. (We alternate these: One each year)
-Assist parents in raising youth from God’s perspective.
-Be a mentor to youth.
-Be a resource person and assist the Christian Education Team to achieve its goals.
-Participate in leader meetings as well as other Church meetings where your Youth experience may be needed.
-Attend School lunches regularly, local FCA, some sporting events & special community events.
-Assist the Lead Pastor as needed in the areas of visitation (especially with families with children.)
-Other responsibilities may be assigned from time to time but must be authorized by the Lead Pastor to assure that the Youth Pastor maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Character Requirements:
-Must be an immersed believer who loves Jesus.
-Have a conviction of the infallible authority of the Word of God.
-Be committed to moral purity and spiritual excellence in every area of life.
-Show a genuine love for people.
-Display a commitment to co-workers (paid staff and leadership) to maintain a relationship of honor, acceptance, open communication and the maintenance of harmony.
-Exhibit a work ethic of self-starting drive, delegation, follow-through, organization, and a positive attitude.
-Be able to relate to and lead teens.

This is a full time salaried position. Employment outside of First Christian Church requires permission.
You will receive 2 weeks paid vacation after three months of service and (12 sick days). Notice needs to
be given to the pastor when requesting time off for vacation. The following holidays will be paid: New
Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

Chris Goetz

Physical Address:
200 S. Walnut St, Garnett, Ks. 66032