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Youth and College Age Pastor

The Youth and College Age Pastor is called to facilitate the strengthening of God’s Kingdom in Butler County.  There are two primary realms of focus to this position:  Youth Ministry, and College Age Ministry.  This pastor will work to foster an atmosphere of friendliness, openness and invitation to non-Christians and Christians alike.  Many of the youth of our church are from non-Christian homes so the focus of the student ministry includes the outreach into their homes and schools.  The church has a college age base in attendance and a local community college so we desire to reach to those students.

Specific Responsibilities:

Student Ministry – The YCAP will:

  1. Be responsible for the organization ofSunday School for the high school and middle school age.
  2. Work with the Lead Pastor and Children’s Director to maintain the Wednesday Night ministry (focusing on the middle and high school)
  3. Organize training, service, or mission events for middle and high school students, including community and interchurch events
  4. Reach into the lives of the parents of middle and high school students
  5. Be supportive of student extra-curricular activities through attendance as available
  6. Show an ability and willingness to counsel students and families as needed
  7. Participate in leadership at Prairie View Christian Camp and be involved with at least one week of camp in the summers

College Age Ministry – The YCAP will:

  1. Be responsible for the organization of discipleship opportunities for the college age.
  2. Plan and execute involvement activities to foster relationships
  3. Reach out to college age students at the local community college

Nathan Slaughter

Physical Address:
Haverhill Christian Church
10275 SW Haverhill Road
Augusta, KS  67010