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Youth/Children’s Minister

Children’s Minister Position

First Christian Church (FCC) is a Non-Denominational, Bible-believing church located in the center of a small community in South Eastern Oklahoma. The church currently welcomes an average of 130 adults and children to its Sunday worship services. FCC is filled with followers of Jesus who love God and love each other. And we have a heart for serving and sharing God’s love and compassion with our community and world. Our mission is very simple: Love God, Love Others, Serve Others.

FCC is searching for a Children/ Youth Minister to provide for the spiritual growth and development of children from Birth – 18 years of age. This individual needs to be passionate about reaching the lost for Christ and introducing and guiding children into a growing relationship with Him. The candidate for this position will also be a strong leader, be a team player, and a creative thinker.  The Youth Minister will need to work with the current youth programs and be able to give constructive ideas for the growth of the church. The Youth Minister will, at times be asked to perform other ministry responsibilities based upon ongoing church needs.

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Full Description: 

  1. Primary responsibilities


  • He will organize and oversee a program of instruction for the children and youth of the First Christian Church of Stilwell with the following goals in mind:
    • Capture and maintain the interest of the youth
    • Compel the attendance of the youth
    • Instruct the minds of the youth in fundamental Bible teaching and moral values.
  • He will be responsible for the supervision of children’s church. This will include the following:
    • Solicit the aid and advice of the Board as he selects and organizes programming.
    • Recruit, train and assign class teachers and sponsors for the Sunday morning worship time for children sixth grade and under.

Note – Children above the sixth grade will be expected to attend the adult worship service.

  • He will assist in the selection of materials and visual aids to be purchased for use in the Sunday school and children’s church activities. This will be done in close connection to the Board and Sunday School Superintendent.
  • He will make himself available as a Bible School teacher as needed and as time may permit.
  • He will accept a reasonable amount of camp supervision responsibilities. He should use the amount of time being given by other area youth ministers to help determine how much time this should consist of. Normally two to three weeks of camp a year would be a reasonable expectation.
  • He will recruit a director and assistant director for Vacation Bible School and give oversight to the completion of an effective Vacation Bible School program.
    This will include the following:

    • Help with the selection of material for the program
    • Select and train a director and assistant director
    • Follow up with the ongoing completion of the program to make sure it is remaining on track.
    • Help select a mission to be sponsored by our Vacation Bible School program offerings.

Note – The youth minister will normally not be the director of the event, and yet his oversight is critical.


  • He will be responsible for the development of visitation teams. These teams will be composed of youth from the church under the direction and supervision of the Youth Minister.


  • He will attend conventions, in-service training and make use of other instructional materials as time and finances permit, subject to the Board approval. The goal is that of continuous improvement that will enrich the ongoing ministry of the First Christian Church.


  • He is to organize all special meetings of the youth coordinating them with all other church activities so that they present a minimum number of time conflicts. The goal of these events will be to sustain interest in Christian fellowship and growth. These events will include but are not limited to the following type of events.
    • Camps
    • Youth rallies
    • Visits to area churches
    • Cookouts
    • College visits
    • Game nights
    • CIY
    • Believe
    • Other events as needed


  • He will be in charge of youth nights normally on fifth Sunday evenings (When it applies). This will include the following:
    • Coordinate youth night with Sr. Minister
    • Help the youth organize the evening service.
    • Be there to guide and oversee this special youth event.
    • He will, on occasion, be expected to fill the pulpit when the Sr. Minister must be absent and /or is unable to make arrangements for his substitute supply Minister.


  • The Youth Minister will be expected to coordinate ongoing youth programming with the Sr. Minister and Secretary. This will include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Keep Sr. Minister and Secretary informed of upcoming events and necessary changes to the upcoming schedule.
    • In order to avoid conflict within the overall church programing, he will schedule, in advance, the use of.
      • Church vans
      • Church equipment
      • Church facilities
    • Develop, along with the Sr. Minister, regular office hours in order to promote smooth church operation and limit scheduling issues.
    • Make use of the Board as a sounding board as he seeks to develop these types of programing guidelines.


2) The Youth Minister will, at times, be asked to perform other ministry responsibilities based upon ongoing church needs. He will be expected to assist other Ministers. As needs arise and time allows.


Physical Address:
First Christian Church
PO BOX 152

306 N. 2nd
Stilwell, Ok. 74960

Cy Bray



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