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Youth Minister


The Youth Minister is to enhance the relationship between youth and God and promote Biblical principles and activities for church families.

A.  The Youth Minister will work under the direction of the Minister, attending staff meetings and supplying reports.
1.  Through this means, the activities of the Youth Minister will be coordinated with the overall program of the church.
2.  The Youth Minister will be responsible for his department and will be able to turn to the Minister for guidance and suggestions.
B.  If a policy difference occurs between the Minister and the Youth Minister, which cannot be resolved among themselves, the Elders shall be consulted, with the knowledge of both parties.

A.  The Youth Minister is to maintain a continual study of God’s Word in order to faithfully proclaim its timeless message.
B.  Youth.
1.  Responsible for recruiting and training teachers for youth ministry programs, along with youth ministry team.
2.  Be responsible for the educational equipment and resources needed for Youth Ministry.
3.  Schedule regular sponsor meetings to evaluate needs, discuss concerns, encourage and motivate the teachers.  Also use these meetings to plan for growth and development of Youth Ministry programs.
4.  Evaluate sponsors, materials and content, and keep the Minister informed of problems.
5.  Promote attendance and keep accurate records of all Youth educational opportunities.
6.  Coordinate Youth Program.
a.  Study, plan, and implement new classes, other than Sunday morning as approved by the Youth Ministry.
b.  Be a resource for the Education Ministry for help in materials and in staffing the classes.
c.  Plan promotional activities for new Youth programs.
d.  Be an advocate to the Worship Ministry in getting the youth involved in the services.

1.  Teaching Bible Fellowship Classes
a. Substitute teach as coordinated by the Education Ministry.
b. Teach specialty classes when needed.

C.  Administration Role
1. Support Children’s Director in his/her ministry.
2. Cast over-all vision/direction for the entire youth program.

D.  Youth Center
1. Coordinate all activities for the Youth Center.
2. Coordinate maintenance of Youth Center along with the building ministry.

E.  Youth Publications and Communications
1. Written Publications
a. Will have final approval on all written publications that represent the Youth program.
1. Electronic publications
a. Will have final approval on all electronic communications that represent the Youth program

F.  Attend Camp MoCoMi Board Meetings, serving as an advisor to Camp MoCoMi; with the goal of not assuming an official representative post.
1.  Attend at least 2 sessions of the camp each year.
2.  Promote and register youth for camp.
3.  Plan retreats for various age groups as deemed appropriate.
4.  Promote trips to the Bible Colleges and other activities for youth and recruit sponsors.
G.  Evangelism.
1.  Keep accurate records of prospects.
2.  Call on prospective families with teens, seeking to involve them in the youth program.
3.  Be aware of those youths, especially teens who haven’t made a decision for Christ.  Pray for them, encourage them, help them, talk with them, and allow God to work on them.
E.  Shepherding.
1. Establish a youth shepherding program, which will involve the youth          and the sponsors as well as the Minister of Youth.

A.  Assist the Children’s Director in planning, recruiting, and other needs he/she may have.
B.  Serve as Staff representative on various ministries as needed.
C.  Promote and encourage individual relationships between Youth Minister and youth, including those who only attend worship services.
D.  Assist the Minister in preaching.
E.  Youth hospital calling, Youth visitation.
F.  Hold counseling sessions as requested.
G.  Encourage Bible College training.  Provide scholarship information.
H.  Participate in appropriate calling nights, class parties, church work days, etc.
I.  Other duties as required.

A.  May attend conventions as approved by the Minister.
B.  The convention allowance will include: Registration, Food, Lodging, Mileage – at the state rate and other travel related cost.
C.  Expenses, if requested, may be paid prior to conventions, training courses and seminars on an estimated basis, as budgeted.

A.  Will be permitted two weeks each year to hold revivals, or seminars.  Salary will continue during the two weeks which is allowed.
B.  All speaking engagements shall be coordinated with the Minister and reported to the Elders.

A.  Salary will be reviewed once a year.

VII.  TIME OFF (See current Time-Off Policy)

A.  The Youth Minister, Senior Minister, Elders, or congregation, may terminate this ministry according to the provision in the By-Laws.

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