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Brady Lane Church of Christ: Senior Minister

Brady Lane Church of Christ, (BLCC) is a mature, established congregation spreading the Gospel of salvation through ministries, missions and community service.  Established over 50 years ago on the south side of Lafayette, In, BLCC is a Restoration movement church of over 220 worshippers in two services, one traditional and one contemporary.

Our Purpose :    More Christians; Deeper Christians

Vision :  The Church We see is strategic; God centered and people empowering.

The Church We see is exciting and full of life. It is a church that is both numerically large and spiritually deep.

The Church We see is inviting, naturally supernatural, and incredibly fun to be in. It’s a church of renowned character and integrity.  A church whose number one priority is to glorify God and bring His wonderful life to a lost world.

The Church We see is attractive confident, victorious and overcoming. I see a church whose powerful proclamation and awesome worship are broadcast to the nations by every modern means possible.

The Church We see equips, enables and releases ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.

The Church We see is a deeply committed, loving, caring family where the lonely and the broken find refuge, new hope and belonging.

BLCC is now seeking to replace our retiring senior minister with someone with the following calling, character, and competencies:

• You must be committed to the Gospel
• You must be committed to preaching and teaching the Gospel of salvation through Jesus
• You must have a passion for discipleship and mentoring families, individuals and the congregation as a whole.
• You must be personally committed to Jesus Christ
• You must be characterized by the qualities described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
• You are a servant leader, yet can be strong when necessary
• You must be in agreement with our core values, constitution and By-Laws (Make Available)
• You have at least 5-8 years of experience in ministry, preferably as part of a multi-staff church
• You are skilled and gifted in the areas of preaching, teaching, leadership and administration
• You are able to equip and empower leaders and staff to carry out the church vision
• You are an effective communicator and a caring pastor
• You will be involved in evangelism  through vision casting and setting aside time each week to follow up with visitors and assist in training church members to do the same
• You must be involved in ongoing mentorship for your personal accountability and growth  
General Responsibilities
• Plan, prepare and deliver a Bible based, life relevant sermon during worship services scheduled by the eldership and programming needs of worship team.
• Function as the primary administrative agent for the eldership of the congregation Implementing programs, conveying purpose, building morale, and monitoring progress and needs.
• Provide contact, training, and membership assistance to prospective members.
• Serve as pastor to the eldership, general membership and especially those in need such as hospitalized and shut-in members.
• Teach relevant classes or electives as directed by the eldership and requested by Christian Education team.
• Maintain a working relationship with the various standing teams through contact with chairs.
• Conduct staff meetings as needed to insure smooth day-to day operations
• Provide auxiliary church functions such as weddings, funerals and counseling to membership.
• Maintain active link between our congregation and our community.

General Information
We are seeking to fill this position now, and all applications will be given serious, confidential consideration.  Resumes will be accepted for 60 days after the job is posted or until the position is filled.  All resumes will be acknowledged, and all candidates will be notified of their consideration.

Compensation for this position will be based on a comparison of similar positions in other church settings and on experience of the applicant. The benefit package will be negotiable and may include retirement and health insurance based on individual need.  Housing may or may not be included based on need. Applicants are welcome to include salary requirements as part of their resume.

To Apply
If this sounds like you please take some time to pray.  If God calls you to apply please send your cover letter and resume to:
Brady Lane Church of Christ
2701 Brady Lane
Lafayette Indiana 47909

You may also send your cover letter and resume to the search team at .