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The Clear Lake Church of Christ : Family Minister


938 El Dorado Blvd
77062 Houston , TX

The Clear Lake Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, is seeking an individual who will minister to our families with children, infants through 5th grade. The minister will focus on spiritual formation and faith development of parents and children. He/ She will be responsible to provide support and encourage spiritual development for all types of families. He/She will seek to raise awareness and understanding that parents are the primary faith influencers of their children. He/ She will also be responsible for organization and coordination of all children’s programs as related to a family ministry model.

The Clear Lake Church of Christ has an average of 400 in attendance on on Sunday mornings. We have about 60 families with approximately 90 children ages infant through 5th grade. We are located on the southern edge of Houston. Our church is constantly being challenged to grow in discipleship by our preaching minister, Byron Fike. We are blessed with two youth ministers, Donna Stone and Jarron Sharp, who lead and shepherd our teenagers. Our Hispanic Outreach Minister, Janna Gonzalez, is helping to incorporate Spanish members into the life of our church. Liz Fike, Connections Minister, helps in the flow of communication and cooperation among the various ministries. We have a wonderful support staff who serves and supports our church in a variety of ways.

Our church is shepherded by nine men who love God and love His people.

It is our hope and prayer that a family minister will come alongside us as a co-partner in ministry to help us grow stronger as families and as the family of Christ.

For further information regarding this position, contact Liz Fike at