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First Christian Church: Full-time Minister


420 North Main P.O. Box 626
79084 Stratford , TX

First Christian Church
P.O. Box 626
Stratford, TX 79084

Office no. (806) 366-2301

F.C.C. is searching for a full time minister. We would prefer a college and seminary graduate, butwe are not restricting our search.

Congregation size: Total Membership 179
Total Worship Attendance 42

Sunday School starts at 9:45
Worship Service starts at 10:45
Youth meeting Wed. at 5:30

Stratford is a town of app. 2000 and whose economy is based on agriculture.
Base salary is $35,000 with family healthinsurance and pension provided. Parsonage isincluded: 3 bedroom/ 2 bath with utilitiesprovided.

At F.C.C. any person is allowed to serve as an elder or diaconate.

We currently have a traditional service which we would like to move to a more contemporary service. Music is a big part of our worship service. Our congregation is older, and we are wanting to grow with younger people.

Resumes can be mailed or emailed to the above contacts, or for more information you may contact: Jack Haile
(806) 753-6199