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First Presbyterian Church: PT Youth Ministries Director

Position Type:  Part-Time > 10-14 hrs./ week
Desired Skills/Experience
Skills:  Highly Organized, Outgoing Personality, Ability to direct and facilitate volunteers, Relates well to youth grades 7-12, knowledge of ministry, Event Planning/Coordination, Clear Communication and advertising.
Experience:  Previous involvement with youth ministry in a church context, whether as a volunteer or as paid staff, is preferable.  Experience in youth ministry outside of the church context is also a plus.  Experience with event planning/coordinating is also desirable.
Position Description
The Youth Ministries Director will direct, plan, and coordinate all ministries involving grades 7-12 in the church.  He/She will work closely with the Associate Pastor, College Interns, and/or volunteers to develop a strategy and vision for the program consistent with the vision of the church, and provide weekly programming and special events to minister to our members and friends in grades 7-12.  Programming and events should seek to (1) provide youth with a fun, exciting experience, (2) enrich and encourage them in their faith development, and (3) attract and retain youth in the church and community who would otherwise be non involved or nominally involved with church life.  The Youth Ministries Director will report to the Associate Pastor.  The primary responsibility of this position is to help youth develop as disciples through Christian fellowship, growing in faith, and learning to serve as the hands and feet of Christ.
Specific Responsibilities & Expectations
1.  Lead a Weekly Youth Group Gathering – provide consistent, meaningful Christian community
2. Lead Sunday School for 7-12th Grade – providing for spiritual & intellectual growth
3. Meet with Youth Interns weekly to plan and coordinate events.
4. Attend Christian Ed. for Youth Committee Meetings each month.
5. Work with the Associate Pastor to develop a vision for the youth ministries program that will drive and inform programming and curriculum.
6. Choose appropriate curriculum as a resource for Sunday School and/or weekly gathering lessons.
7. Work with the Associate Pastor to plan and lead an Annual Ski Trip and Youth Mission trip.
8. Plan and Coordinate special events and fundraisers as needed.
Compensation: approx. $600/month
**Please e-mail a resume with 2 references and a brief letter of interest to:**