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Lamar Christian Church: Student Ministries Pastor


811 S Main St
81052 Lamar , CO

Job description for Student Ministries Pastor.

1.       To oversee all student ministry activities such as Bible studies at the coffee shop, Sunday School, youth ministry night, camp, mission trips, C.I.Y, mentoring youth, attending school activities, directing youth groups, recruiting training and appreciating our youth workers, selecting materials for study etc, for junior and senior high students and college/career adults.

2.     To oversee the ministry budget.

3.     To call on young adults, youth and their parents regularly for their encouragement and other needs.

4.     To apply the congregation’s vision statement into the student/YA ministry.

5.     To be available to the students and staff of area schools as needed for counseling etc.

6.     To be involved in FCA and similar activities at area schools/college when possible.

7.     To meet weekly with the ministerial staff for planning, studies, prayer and evaluation.

8.     To meet with the elders as needed, and the board monthly.

9.     To oversee all communication between yourself and students and their parents.  To oversee the SM web pages.

10.  To evangelize the youth and young adults of Prowers County and beyond.

11.   To train all youth and YA to serve their God with passion and godly power.

12.  To work with the senior pastor and education pastor in accomplishing the goals of the congregation for church-wide events such as VBS, Community Impact Sunday and more.

13.  To serve as Jesus served His church with love, acceptance discipline and grace.

The ministry position carries the minimum of forty hours per week. We provide a salary out of which you determine what is taken out for an HSA, retirement etc, so it is pre-tax.  Social security is withheld for you, and given to you to send off each quarter.

The SMP works with and under the lead pastor in all aspects of their ministry, yet the lead pastor is not a micro-manager, fully expecting the student ministries pastor to own their ministry.

We expect the student ministries pastor to be spiritually deep, passionate about youth/YA and the kingdom of God, and to be willing to be whatever God needs them to be in ministry.  They will recruit and nurture their volunteer staff in whatever ways are needed to ensure that they are trained and equipped to serve, and appreciated for their time and talents.

The SMP, needs to well organized, a good communicator, dress neatly at all times, and be respectful to those whom they serve and serve with.  The SMP can choose to get involved in other congregational ministry so long as it does not interfere with their focus of ministry.  This may include worship, missions, etc.

It is not unusual for the SMP to be involved in weddings, funerals, counseling and other activities throughout the year as needed, whether as the officiant or helper.